Snowden: facebook a " surveillance company" that collects and sells user data

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    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted Saturday that Facebook is a “surveillance company” that sells its users’ personal details, weighing in on a scandal involving a private firm that harvested data from the social media giant.
    Snowden: Facebook a ‘Surveillance Company’ that Collects and Sells User Data

    Nothing would be better than to see these parasite tank after all Mark Z. did say his users are dumb mother fkrs.........
    So there is truth to what he says, after all look how stupid they are on here many think information posted is " FUNNY " or doesn't matter because it hasn't touched them yet" , it's fake" . they always think that until it slaps these stupid asses right in the face.
    or MSM actually has to break and report, and we know how they always put their bs spin on it it's gotta fit the parasites mind set.
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