Simon Curtis Obsessed with SNSD's Soo Young

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    Simon Curtis has expressed great interest in Soo Young of SNSD.
    On February 4th, Curtis tweeted "Madonna's album is going to be released today but all I can think about is SNSD's gorgeous performance from the Letterman show," and posted a link to the girl group's performance. Curtis added that "many people are surprised to see my interest in SNSD. I really want to talk about my favorite member but I still don't know her name." Someone then asked Curtis about his favorite K-Pop artists and he answered that he liked "Fx, 2NE1, and SNSD" and said that he also has albums by BoA, confirming a keen interest in K-Pop. Simon Curtis later asked on twitter "my favorite SNSD member is the one on the left with black hair, around 7 o'clock direction wise. What's her name?" When the fans replied "Soo Young" Curtis responded "I am obsessed with her. She's an absolute goddess." Curtis then proceeded to ask if Soo Young had a twitter and when a fan sent him a photoshopped picture of him and Soo Young, he excitedly re-twitted it. Curtis said that "it is absolutely fabulous to see my timeline filled with stuff about Soo Young."
    [ame=]Girls' Generation - The Boys MV (English Ver.) - YouTube[/ame]
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