Repeal obamacare,repeal obamacare,repealobamacare.

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    Sounding board of Steve King and the Radical Right Wing Crazies. “Just repealing three component of Obamacare would save billions and balance the budget.” But they fail to do the math of the cost of not having obamacare. Cost of having to treat people without healthcare (or have it and cannot afford to use it) in hospital emergency rooms, in county healthcare clinics and preventing illness from become chronic and an emergency. Treating people before they become an emergency or an emergency will save us trillions that can be used to balance the budget.

    GOP’s healthcare plan is “personal responsibility” and save for your healthcare. How the hell do one who live from pay day to pay day (most of Americans) save for healthcare of any kind. Most with private healthcare cannot use it because co-payments cost too much. When the 14 million unemployment Americans go back to work many will have pre-existing illness that will not be covered. Results will be lost of lives and they claim to be “pro-life.”

    How can you put a price of the lives of Americans.

    Repealing obamacare would be murder.

    Would Obamacare mandate apply to illegal aliens and require them to have healthcare coverage or pay a fine?

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