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    YouTube - Storm by Tim Minchin
    Tim Minchin's amusing beat poem describes a dinner party in which he confronts a hippy.
    Recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in December 08.

    YouTube - Tim Minchin - Storm#1 Unofficial Tim Minchin Channel On YouTube --

    I'm sorry, I just love this guy!

    (Ironically I believe that spiritual healing, including presence and removal of demonic voices and sickness, can be scientifically proven given today's technological advances.
    For books on this field, I recommend Scott Peck's "Glimpses of the Devil" and Francis MacNutt "Healing." I don't expect anyone to believe without scientific proof and formal studies, but rejecting this field of therapy without considering the research is equally negligent, or morally/ethically wrong to deny people access to knowledge and methods that have cured cases of schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other conditions.)
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