Questions on 9/11 issues and Loose Change 7

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by emilynghiem, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Dear 9/11 debaters (either side):
    Can you please fill me in and catch me up on how the
    following issues have been answered corrected or clarified:

    1. claim that the WTC building(s) collapsed in a "free fall" speed,
    the same as dropping a tennis ball from the same height without any resistance.
    So the argument is that a building with all that structure would have taken
    longer to collapse than a 'free fall' speed

    how has this claim been answered?

    2. debates that the building had to require additional demolition using
    military grade explosives in order to collapse "straight down"

    that neither the planes hitting at the top nor the jet fuel fires
    were enough to make the buildings and steel beams "melt"
    and collapse all the way down, but might have melted partially
    causing the structure to do something other than collapse straight down

    3. my own question: if there was any information at all that Jewish
    and government people had conspired to let or make this 9/11 disaster
    happen, why wouldn't the Al Qaeda and anti-US/Israeli leaders
    JUMP ALL OVER that to blame US/Jewish for attacking its own people?

    wouldn't terrorists seize the opportunity to destroy any credibility of
    US govt? why would they claim responsibility for what they could blame
    on the evil of their enemy if that is their motivation? that does not
    sound consistent to me.

    my friend cited some belief that at first the leaders denied
    responsibility for 9/11 and later it was claimed they took responsibility
    but the video evidence is questioned?

    can anyone explain why the terrorists would claim responsibility
    for something they didn't do instead of using this to expose US/Bush
    and Jewish/Israeli conspiracy plots!

    Thanks, this is a sincere request, I am not interested in any bashing
    or citing of hearsay without documented verification. For example,
    if I were to ask why was the hole in the Pentagon only 16 feet, or
    why were the plane parts all missing, I don't want to hear because
    those people are idiots, I would like an explanation such as the
    hole was actually X feet and the photo was misinterpreted, or
    that there WERE plane parts found and this has been verified already.

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