Proof liberal nation are confused, ignorant hypocrites - never mind Hillary is unfit to do anything

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    U.S.A. gone wild
    This is the short list, and it doesn't include a lot of recent information demonstrating how bad Clinton, never mind the Democrat party truly is. Some of this is "trivial", but liberals love trivial when criticizing Trump, even if it means painting the truth to suit them:

    Foreign Policy

    1. Called for military action in response to computer hacking

    2. Defended an illegal coup in Honduras

    3. Claimed it made no difference whether the Benghazi attacks were planned or spontaneous

    4. Corrupted a Haitian presidential election

    5. Advocated for intervention in Libya, which has since become a failed state

    6. Pushed for Libyan intervention based on spurious intelligence

    7. Presented a Russian foreign minister with a “reset” button, mislabeled with the Russian word for “overcharge”

    8. Called for a no-fly zone over Syria—a tacit declaration of war

    9. Legitimized the illegal Honduran coup by organizing elections immediately after

    10. Advocated deporting thousands of child refugees, a third of whom were from Honduras

    11. Gave military aid to Egypt despite its failure to meet democracy requirements

    12. Criticized Obama for withdrawing troops from Iraq, but failed to negotiate an agreement that would have allowed them to do so

    13. Sold weapons to Bahrain despite its human rights violations

    14. Compared Russia to Nazi Germany

    14A. Suggested Iraqi invasion before Bush became POUS.

    Racial insensitivity

    15. Joked that Mahatma Gandhi ran a gas station in St. Louis

    16. Participated in a racist joke about "C.P. Time"--the offensive stereotype that African Americans are frequently late

    17. Imitates “black” accents

    18. Produced racially-charged ads against Obama in 2008

    19. Asked, “Is it working?” when accused of pandering to the black community

    20. Said to a black church on Martin Luther King Day, “The House of Representatives has been run like a plantation—and you know what I’m talking about.”

    21. Said black men in hoodies are scary

    22. Told Jewish political consultant Dick Morris, “All you people care about is money!”

    23. Praised a KKK recruiter as a mentor and friend

    24. Said she had experience with men who go “off the reservation”

    25. Said Obama wasn’t a Muslim “as far as I know”

    26. Told Black Lives Matter activists she would only talk to white people about racial issues

    27. Used the racially charged term “super predators”

    28. Employed Sidney Blumenthal, who stoked racially charged rumors about the Obamas during the 2008 campaign

    29. Had staffers who leaked picture of Obama in a turban

    30. Cited assassination as a reason she stayed in the race against Obama

    31. Lobbied Congress to expand the drug war and mass incarceration, disproportionately affecting black and Latino populations

    31A: Colored people time.

    31B. Paul Fray is a FknGewbasterd.

    31C. Black people are lazy.


    32. Yelled at a supporter for questioning her ties to oil companies

    33. Accepted millions of dollars from InfoUSA, a company that helps scammers defraud the elderly

    34. Tarred as “bimbos” the women who had spoken about their affairs with Bill

    35. Called a Gold Star mother a liar

    36. Laughed about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death

    37. Laughed about defending a child rapist

    38. Derided a group of women who accused a senator of sexual harrassment

    39. Removed a message from her website stating sexual assault survivors have the right to be believed

    40. Told a voter skeptical of her policies, “Why don’t you go run for something then?”

    41. Created a work environment so hostile that Secret Service agents reported it was punishment to be assigned to her detail

    42. Called Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon”

    43. Said Edward Snowden should “face the music”

    44. Forced military aides to wear business suits instead of their uniforms

    45. Suggested 12-year old rape victim made up the story because she fantasizes about older men.


    46. Took $28,000 worth of gifts given to the White House back to her home in Chappaqua

    47. Accepted and solicited almost $200,000 worth of gifts between her election to Senate (Nov. 2000) and her swearing in (Jan. 2001)

    48. Demanded first class tickets on Gulfstream 450s for her speaking appointments

    49. Charged children $2,700 to ask her a question

    50. Charged $10,000 for a family photo with her

    51. Has a history of not tipping

    52. Received an $8 million advance for Living History, despite senators only allowing themselves to collect “usual and customary” advances

    53. Quoted as saying, “What the **** did we come here for? There’s no money here,” at campaign stop in upstate New York

    54. Gave no credit to the ghostwriter of It Takes a Village, as had been agreed

    55. Tried to stiff the ghostwriter out of her final $30,000 payment

    56. Fundraised instead of visiting Louisiana flood victims

    57. Invested in ponzi-whitewater scheme to cheat people out of their homes. Worse yet, a late payment forfeits all home equity.


    57. Wondered whether a person could be both a Republican and a Christian

    58. Called half of Donald Trump supporters irredeemably racist, sexist, and homophobic

    59. Suggested the Donald Trump supporters who weren’t racists were misguided and poor

    60. Blamed Republicans when gay activists interrupted Bill Clinton’s 50th birthday celebration

    61. Listed Republicans among her enemies

    62. Said Republicans don’t care about the Zika virus

    63. Referred to those collecting welfare as “deadbeats”

    64. Stereotyped stay-at-home moms

    65. Blamed rumors of her husband’s affairs on a “vast right-wing conspiracy”

    66. Said she felt sorry for ignorant Bernie Sanders supporters

    67. Kept a list of political enemies

    68. Refers to President Obama as “that man”

    68A. Stated 25% of Americans are deplorable people.


    69. Tapped major Clinton Foundation donor for nuclear security board

    70. Approved the sale of 80 Boeing fighter jets to Saudi Arabia as the Clinton Foundation received money from Boeing and Saudi Arabia

    71. Failed to disclose a $2.35 million donation from the head of a Russian uranium company while reviewing the sale of Uranium One to Russia

    72. Exploited the Haitian earthquake to grant favors for powerful donors

    73. Granted a meeting with the prince of Bahrain after he donated to the Clinton Foundation

    74. Failed to disclose a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government as Algerian lobbyists were granted increased access

    75. Approved drastic increases in U.S. arms sales for countries who had donated to the Clinton foundation

    76. Failed to disclose millions of dollars in speaking fees from corporations in China, Qatar, and Korea

    77. Was apparently unaware that her brothers received hundreds of thousands of dollars from criminals in exchange for President Clinton granting them pardons

    78. Sold overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom

    79. Granted meeting with Johnny Chung after he donated $50,000

    80. Described as operating the White House like a subway turnstile: “You have to put in coins to open the gates.”

    81. Suggested her daughter may stay on the board of the Clinton Foundation Board after the election

    82. Told sources that she might keep Loretta Lynch as the Attorney General

    83. Oversaw the State Department as it failed to account for $6 billion

    84. Attended Donald Trump’s wedding after he donated to the Clinton Foundation

    85. Made $100,000 from a $1,000 investment in cattle futures

    86. Waited until the statute of limitations had passed before releasing tax returns that revealed the investment

    87. Claimed she was able to pick the right cattle stocks simply by studying the Wall Street Journal

    88. Admitted to using the guidance of men for whom her husband had granted political favors, raising questions of a quid pro quo relationship

    89. Used 130 forged signatures on petition to get on ballot in Indiana

    90. Gave $165 billion worth of arms sales to 20 nations who had donated to the Clinton Foundation

    91. Involved in the dismissal of seven travel office employees to replace with friends

    92. Supported her husband’s decision to pardon 16 unrepentant FALN terrorists in an effort to curry favor with the Puerto Rican population of New York

    93. Frequently meets with billionaire donor George Soros

    94. Skipped ethics training course

    95. Hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz after she was revealed to have rigged the election against Bernie Sanders

    96. Employs Huma Abedin as her top aide, a woman who was listed as an editor for a radical Islamic magazine and who left classified information in her car

    97. Used White House dinners to court donors for her Senate run

    98. Fired from Watergate investigation for ethics violations

    99. Added longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal to the payroll of the Clinton Foundation, paying him $200,000 a year for part-time work

    100. Named disgraced former senator Ken Salazar as her White House transition chair


    101. Promised 200,000 jobs in upstate New York, lost 31,000

    102. Spearheaded the disastrous health care effort of 1993

    103. Dismissed the potentially devastating impact of her health care plan by saying, “I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized entrepreneur in America.”

    104. Ignored warnings that her health care plan wouldn’t work, claiming that critics were just “jealous” they weren’t in charge

    105. Seeks to overturn the Citizens United ruling because it allowed a non-profit to produce an anti-Hillary documentary

    106. Said she would put her husband in charge of the economy

    107. Fought against a $0.62 minimum wage in Haiti

    108. Promised to put coal miners out of business

    109. Supports sanctuary cites

    110. Plans to take 550 percent more Syrian refugees into the U.S.

    111. Opposes D.C. vs. Heller gun ruling

    112. Said businesses don’t create jobs

    113. Promised to use executive orders on gun control and immigration

    114. Led effort to regulate video games

    Lies and Deception

    115. Refused to say she would never lie to the American people

    116. Claimed she did not know she was voting for war when she cast her vote for the Iraq War

    117. Claimed she had never sent or received classified information from her private server

    118. Claimed—under oath—that she had no role in the Travel Office firings

    119. Claimed she never received a subpoena

    120. Opposed TPP after publicly supporting it 45 times

    121. Denounced NAFTA after being its champion

    122. Voted for a bankruptcy bill she fought as First Lady and then denounced after she voted for it

    123. Claimed she and Bill were “dead broke” when leaving the White House

    124. Claimed an economist was a Republican in order to legitimize his claim that she would add millions of jobs to the economy

    125. Claimed she worked with Republican Tom Delay in the Senate

    126. Reneged on promise to disclose conflicts of interest between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation

    127. Said her Chappaqua land deal had been legally approved by the Office of Government Ethics

    128. Claimed Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation had been proven baseless

    129. When asked, failed to tell the FBI she had been briefed on handling classified information

    130. Claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary

    131. Claimed she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland

    132. Claimed she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia

    133. Claimed she helped human rights activist Harry Wu be released from prison

    134. Reneged on promise to visit Louisiana flood victims at a later date

    135. Dismissed Gennifer Flowers’ affair with Bill Clinton as a “whale of a tale”—after Clinton admitted the affair under oath

    136. Claimed the VA scandal was not widespread

    137. Claimed she had tried to join the Marines

    138. Claimed she was the target of sexist attacks by men afraid she would take their position in law school

    138b. Per Email leak she admitted she has two positions, one in private and one for the public.

    138c. Per Email leak she wants open borders.

    138d. She planted a child stage actor at a town hall meeting to ask Hillary a question about ‘body image’ and the way Donald Trump talks about women, which was repeated ad nauseum on mainstream media broadcasts.

    139e. Clinton admits that she’s “kind of far removed” from the middle-class upbringing that she frequently touts on the campaign trail.

    139f. Highlighted her long ties to Wall Street, bantering with top executives and saying that she views the financial industry as a partner in government regulation.

    139g. Said part of the problem with the political situation, too, is that there is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives.

    139h: Email proving how the liberal press is unethical on the side of Hillary. Plotted how Clinton aides could induce Haberman to write a story on the thoroughness and profound introspection involved in Clinton’s decision-making process. Haberman published two. It was said "Haberman is a friendly journalist who never disappointed".

    139i: There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives.” In another speech at a Goldman event, she told the room, “You are the smartest people”.


    139. Used an unauthorized and unsecured email account as Secretary of State

    140. Had a private server installed in her basement

    141. Financed the server with taxpayer cash

    142. Sent and received classified information from private account

    143. Exposed emails to hacking from foreign nations, as her server was less secure than a gmail account

    144. Sent emails from 13 separate devices, while she claimed to have used only one

    145. Brought her BlackBerry into secure areas of the State Department

    146. Disposed of old devices with a hammer

    147. Had certain emails shredded before turning the rest over to the State Department

    148. Sent classified emails after leaving the State Department

    149. Had lawyers without proper security clearance comb through emails

    150. Withheld several thousand work-related emails from the FBI

    151. Withheld several emails about the Benghazi attack

    152. Had server wiped clean to delete all traces of emails

    153. Lost archive of her emails in the mail

    154. Blamed Colin Powell for her private email account

    155. Was deemed “extremely careless” in handling classified information

    156. Was deemed not “sophisticated enough” to understand classified markings

    157. Did not know that materials marked “C” meant confidential

    158. Did not know that discussion of drone strikes were classified

    159. Compromised her account by clicking on a pornographic phishing link

    160. Responded, “What, like, with a cloth?” when asked about wiping her server

    161. Joked that she liked Snapchat because the photos delete themselves

    162. Listed as an insider threat on an Army training presentation

    163. Suggested she would not be criticized for her email use if she were a man

    163b. She wants to cut social security. Meanwhile she wants open borders, go figure.

    163c. Privately for the Keystone pipeline.

    Health concerns

    164. Collapsed at a 9/11 memorial

    165. Suffered a severe coughing fit lasting several minutes

    166. Evaded direct question about her health

    167. Opened a pre-opened jar of pickles to prove she was healthy

    168. Described as “often confused” by friend and aide Huma Abedin

    169. Has had three blood clots since 1998

    170. Fainted in 2005

    171. Fainted in 2012 and sustained concussion

    172. Suggested all questions about her health were conspiracy theories


    173. Went 275 days without holding a press conference

    174. Barred reporters from health care task force meetings, violating federal law

    175. Coordinates with super PAC Correct the Record, which spends hundreds of thousands of dollars harassing Hillary detractors online

    176. Cut off press conference when asked about a poll in which she was losing

    177. Coordinated with Democrats in advance of the Benghazi hearing

    178. Failed to release Wall Street speech transcripts

    179. Locked away senior thesis for eight years

    180. Fought “tooth and nail” to avoid sharing plane with press corps

    181. Dismissed reporters’ questions and told them to try a cold chai

    182. Ignored reporter asking question about ice cream

    183. Told reporters to try some chocolate instead of asking her questions

    184. Evaded reporter’s question by saying she was going to have pie instead

    185. Banned a national pool reporter from attending her events

    186. Keeps journalists corralled in a moving rope line

    187. Fenced out reporters from fundraisers

    188. Scrubbed reference to her role in the Hondoran coup from memoir

    189. Shut off the millennium party to reporters, with press secretary Marsha Berry giving the excuse, “It’s closed because it’s closed.”

    190. Had a campaign staffer who reportedly threatened the Laugh Factory over comedians making fun of her

    191. Censored and suppressed release of The Path to 9-11, which exposed that President Bill Clinton had an opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden and didn’t take it


    192. Called a psychic to the White House to help her commune with the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi

    193. Suggested that the government fund fun camps for adults

    194. Suggested that vaccines may cause autism

    195. Claimed Vladimir Putin was the “godfather” of the alt-right

    196. Believes aliens have visited earth

    197. Made money from pollution

    198. Consistently hours late for campaign events

    199. Compared video games to lead poisoning

    200. Defended Martha Stewart’s criminal acts by suggesting she was held to “another standard” because she was a woman

    201. Purple Heart veteran secured a job with the secret service. He said hello to first "lady" Hillary and she responded with "F you". The kicker is he got a purple heart in a war Bill sent him to.
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    I had to add a spare mouse just to scroll to the bottom. /fail.
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    U.S.A. gone wild
    I know right. Meanwhile Trump is a womanizer, which is true to extent (plus he has a nasty mouth)....... Doesn't seem to matter Mr. Bill is worse, cuz you know "he's not running for POUS", liberals love him, he's Hillary's best asset and of course they're married.

    Love the hypocrisy and the clear thinking of the self-declared liberal "educated"...........They super smart.
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    U.S.A. gone wild
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    U.S.A. gone wild
    There's rhetoric and there's reality. Reality gets you crickets. Time you liberals wake up from your comas already, cuz you're being had from every direction.
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