Pro-Tax-Cut Anniversary, Today!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr. Shaman, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Let's HEAR IT for making-sure the 1%ers can afford Vacation Homes #2 & #3!!!!
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    Yeah, we just cannot thank them enough for being super rich and trickling down all their largess on us, can we?

    Why it's like they're Atlases holding up the world.

    They're so heroic, those titans of capital and industry.

    Gee! One hopes they never shrug.

    Cause like...that would be bad.

    Why, they might do something like taking all their investments to foreign nations and laying off millions of workers here, or something.

    Or if they weren't the patriots we all know them to be, they might move their headquarters offshore so they don't have to pay any US taxes.

    Or, if they weren't such fine upstanding citizens, they might even so corrupt our government that it would create trade and tax policies that were designed to make them even richer even as the rest of the nation was getting poorer.

    I think we ought to have a great big party for the superwealthy just to show them how thankful we are to them for being so very very good to us.

    We already have Labor day, don't we?

    We need a CAPITAL DAY to remind Americans how grateful we need to be to the Captains of Industry..especially we need to be thankful to the Banksters.

    They've been so good to us.

    Why...didn't they save us from the depression?

    I think we should give then a tax holiday.

    Just think how wealthy this nation would be if but only we'd stop picking on those poor rich people.

    Why should they have to pays taxes? Don't they do enough for us, just allowing us to work for them?

    Paying taxes is what the middle class is for.

    Well, that and raising up fine young sons and daughters so they can be send to wars in foreign nations in order to secure still more resources from our masters to exploit, of course.

    Yup, I just don't think we can be good enough to our billionaire class.

    They just don't have enough advantages to really make it here in the USA.

    No wonder they're all leaving this nation.

    The unions drove them away....and the hippies, and the tree huggers and especially those damned Liberals!

    I mean what's the sense of being a billionaire if you can't make children work 12 hours a day in your dangerous factories or in your seams of coal deep under the earth?

    Man those were the days, weren't they? Before all that liberal crap about workers rights and unsafe working conditions and so forth ruined it for our masters?

    Those were the times when American knew how to really take care of its master class.

    Let's face it...What self respecting billionaire wants to share his nation with a worker class of people who assume that they have human rights and dignity?

    That's no way to run a CAPITALIST country.

    When workers get uppity, why... it's nearly impossible to get good help.

    Clearly the only answer is to allow millions of empoverished Mexicans into this nation so that FINALLY our poor put upon billionaires have grateful workers instead of uppity Americans.

    We Americans need to be taught a lesson in humility to RELEARN what our place really is in this nation.

    The super-rich were too soft on us and we need to be taught a lesson.

    We forgot how to grovel, folks.

    Come on now fellow Americans, who's with me?

    I say that the last person down on his knees is a dirty, rotten, liberal collectivist!

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