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    all you congressmen and senators, why dont you guys focus on what is right for the working people and the country, you notice i said working people not the people that are able but want to be on a program that robbs the workers and the country.
    you guys are in disneyland with all your perks, your staff, your cars, your expense accounts. heck no wonder we cant balance the budget, between you guys and obamas takers look at the waste.
    now we have elected officials that are trying to screw with the constitution to make their own rules, leave! it! alone! its worked fine for hundreds of years, more than i can say for a lot of you. leave our guns alone and focus on the problem, the mental? now some nut in washington wants to amend the constitution to abandon the term limits for president, what! you nut. you go play house with obama when we gladly see him leave office.
    you clowns! golf clubs are dangerous, you dont hear reports about them? lets take your golf clubs away, how about that?
    you liberals, obama care is kicking in and it looks like some insurance will double and he said it would be cheaper, really! how do you spell dumb? your famous al bore, what a jerk! he sells his failing tv station to who? aljazerra the radical people in the middle east. talking about selling your mother out? al bore hated big oil, mr enviromentalist and thats where he made most of his money, jerk! he opposed the bush tax cuts but now hes trying to beat the new tax deadline, so he can save on his tv station sell. liberals working for the people? bs
    you folks should be mad as hell with all this garbage that goes on wasting our money and trying to take our rights away. thank you! twenty year army veteran tired of their crap.
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