Parents create kids for molesters.

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    Parents groom them first.

    Sandusky would not have these kids to molest if parents did not create them in an atmosphere to be abused. How can a 10 year old no matter the situation at home don’t know that it is wrong for a grown man to expose himself or shower with including his father. And it is wrong for any man to touch your privates much less perform oral sex or sodomy. At 10 years old a child should know what is good or bad touching.
    Parents create these kids by not teaching them from an early age what is good or bad touching and exposing one’s body. Many parent believe it is ok to shower with their children and to see them naked and that sends the message that it is ok. You teach children by example. Showering and bathing with your children may be cute but it send the wrong massage.
    The 30 year old man who accused Sandusky of molesting him when he was 10 at some point before he turned 30 had to have know what Sandusky did was wrong and what took him so long and why didn’t he, when he become older and bigger, confront Sandusky with a big stick. Some of these kids are molested at the age 15. WTF is wrong with our kids? A ten year old kid is not stupid.

    Molesters know which kids have been neglected and maybe abused and it has nothing to do with being poor.

    Now those alleging molestation is coming out of the wood work and filing suits and I have to wonder what took them so long?

    If is morally wrong to see your parents nakedness? I believe it is after reading the case involving Noah and his son Ham in Genesis chapter 9.

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