Obambo's Political Prowess.

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    First, a brief mention of the OBVIOUS: Obummer is the ANNIHILATOR of American Capitalism which made our country the envy of the World, and the Greatest Country on the Planet for approx 200 years. The LIEberrhoids STILL venerate Obami Salaami in spite of the fact that Obambo is destroying our economy by raising our National Debt from $10 trillion for all the approx 300 years before his election to $14.5 trillion in these two years of his Administration, projected by his economists to over $16 trillion at the end of this year.

    This is the result of Obummer's Marxist Agenda reflected in his idiotic "Greenery" i.e. "Cap &Trade" ..... sending our gasoline prices from $1.87 per gallon in Jan 2009 to the exhorbitant price which is now $3.85....an increase of 106% !!! Which means that the price of EVERYTHING has and will skyrocket. The prices of goods and services from groceries to transportation will probably at least DOUBLE, or more !!!

    And, in spite of these glaring IRREFUTABLE FACTS, the LIEberrhoid idiots STILL support their crazed Ideologue when he and his stooge the certified MORON, Attorney General Holder are accelerating the process of Latinizing America into becoming a Third World Country by basically opening our borders to Illegal Immigration and Drug Cartel mayhem at the expense of the lives of our citizens in the Southern States. Why ? Answer: to get the Latino vote.

    Second, it may be apropos to point out Obummer's overall expertise in view of his rather startling background: His Mother was an off the wall Marxist, with a known hatred for members of her own race, as indicated in Obami Salaami's own book: "Dreams from my Father". Her father was a dedicated Commie who procured a notorious Commie Poet Franklin Marshall Davis as Obummer's mentor (also mentioned in Obambo's book as "FRANK"). Obami's father was a falling down drunk...and a devoted Marxist (who came to America to study Marxism).

    Obambo, as a Senator, predictably, had the most Liberal record, more so than the LIEberrhoid's Political & Moral Icon: The Chappaquidick Murderer, Fat Teddy Kennedy .... may he roast in Hell.

    As stated, Our Idiot-in-Chief, or Muslim Protector Par Excellence, Obummer, whose father was a Muslim, whose stepfather was a Muslim, who also attended a Muslim School. Obummer's cousin, Raila Odinga, whom Obummer visited just prior to his Presidential Campaign is/was a Commie/Muslim Murdering Rapist and Terrorist head of the once ruling Kenyan Muslim/Commie, Orange Democratic Party which slaughtered over 100,000 of his fellow Kenyans in "Ethnic Cleansing ". And, known throughout Africa as the "African Stalin", was photo-oped with our LIEberrhoid's Messiah during one of the rallies for the Orange Democratic Party with said Psycho Raila Odinga.....arm-in-arm smiling. And, later at the family gathering ALL of whom were Commie Muslims in Obummers famous African garb photo-ops.

    Third, our Idiot-in-Chief's expertise is not limited to his Bizarre Marxist Policies of OBUMMERCARE (Socialized Medicine), etc ...... Obami Salaami is also exhibiting his prowess in Foreign affairs:

    True to form, we have this blatantly unconcerned pro Palestinian advocate and hater of Israel, in the process of destroying our only true ally in the Mid East. Obami Salaami wants to return Israel to its 67 borders, thus rendering Israel prone to annihilation because of the reduction of its already scanty buffer zone ...... IS NOW THE SUPPLICANT TO THE AVOWED ANTI-AMERICAN "MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD" IN INITIATING "TALKS" WITH THIS INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN FINANCIAL BACKER OF HAMAS, AND OTHER TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS, AND THEIR FRONTING AMERICAN BASED ORGANIZATION "CAIR".

    Council of American Islam Relations (CAIR) is the Islamofascist Organization which Obambo invites to lecture our Governmental Agencies and Military as the "voice of MODERATE Islam" !!!

    To raise all this insanity to even a new BIZARRE level, Obambo has instructed his stooge Janet Incompetano to issue a proclamation ON NATIONAL TV, banning the use of the term "WAR on TERROR" to the use of "OVERSEAS CONTINGENCY PLANNING", and the PSYCHO "JIHADISTS" to the amorphous term: "perpetrators of ' MAN CAUSED DISASTERS' " ....... this being an unmistakable effort to obfuscate the IDENTITY of the ENEMY AGAINST WHOM AMERICA IS FIGHTING ITS WAR !!!!!

    BTW, The chagrin Neytanyahu must have felt would've been similar to Obami Salaami's if he received the following e-mail from Neytanyahu:

    "Dear President Obama,

    I am writing today with a somewhat unusual request. First and foremost, I will be asking that you return the United States to its August 20th, 1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.


    Benjamin Neytanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

    (The above Neytanyahu "e-mail" is from a post on USMB).

    In conclusion, the following link is to the article by Michelle Malkin. It will give you an idea of the increasing threat these Muslim Swine are preparing for The United States of America ....... while our Idiot-in-Chief is blatantly anouncing his expertise in American Foreign Policy by currying favour with the Muslim Brotherhood and its front organization created by TWO of the Hamas members: "CAIR" !!!

    The link:

    Beware of Dr. Jihad - Page 2 - Michelle Malkin - Townhall Conservative

    Final point: IMHO, this is a clearly" POLITICAL" POST belonging in the POLITICAL section ..... not relegated to some secondary, seldom read category, like "General Global Topics", "The Middle East - General", or "Israel vs Palestine", etc.

    But then, maybe, I'm not an "expert" in categorizing posts for political or non-political reasons.
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