Obama Is Good! Obama Is Great! Obama Gives Romney Even Food To Eat(?)!

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    When the Republicans finally won the Midterms, they of course took Jesus Christ away from America--probably to confuse the Mormons(?)! Taking Away the "Make Work Pay Refundable Income Tax Credit" was a raise in taxes they could support! Like Matthew 20:1-16, under the Make Work Pay Tax Credit, the income tax filer would get $400.00 per person, regardless if they had worked all the year or not. That was a gift that was taken away. Instead there was created a temporary payroll tax holiday. That tax will be restored on January 1, 2013, celebrating another round of Republican Agreements to more tax hikes!

    Now in partial proof(?), former candidate Romney will come to the White House--silver spoon in hand--to accept His Share of Great Obama's Gifts, for all the people(?), including him too. It will be in a private dining room, so that they can enter into frank discussions about the "Bitter Clingers" aka, the "47%" of the American People.

    Obama to meet with Romney Thursday – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

    In fact, Former Candidate Romney claims a Mormon heritage. Of that heritage, it is not likely that he is going to be in the dining room, offering Obama the Mormon Bishop title. It is still not notably clear that Romney Republicans have even arrived at 1978: On any of the calendars they may be sending around during year-end holidays. Some gifts, apparently, are still not really getting spread around all that much(?)! Anyone expects the newer form of holiday giving, at RNC, this season(?). . .possibly a more 1949 motif.

    About 1952 time-frame, my own father was being written up in the Los Angeles Times for something new in the world: Auto Dealer ads On Television! Nixon's Haldeman's dad was a part of the pitch. . .for anyone needing convincing!

    Further in 1952, The Total Credit Market was about two times personal income: As though a rectangle, with a left-right diagonal from the bottom to the top, were actually all filled with credit(?)! The raise of incomes, a fixed percentage, would be the perpendicular lines from the left side of the box to the new diagonal. Social and Military spending would be about the total of the total net credit on the other half of the box, actually more than half of total net debt. That had been the "gift" of the war against the Fascist Axis Nations. Eventually car loans, state and public debt, credit card debt and installment loans--would take over as that half of the box of credit. That would still be the "income support" side of the total credit market. In fact, it was filled with borrowed money. Welfare "gifts" were a part of the economics of the 1950's and 1960's. That failure could help to explain the failed war spending in Vietnam. There was simply not enough contrary war-spending. Lyndon Johnson had pushed for famous Medicare. The failed war spending did that White House no good, and so Lyndon Johnson withdrew.

    The nature of the "gifts" from the federal largesse was changing--even has Nixon's Haldeman was headed to a cell not precisely in a monastery--or even a polygamous sect(?)!

    The Private Sector would in fact go berserk and so by 1980, then Total Net Debt was filling up even a Fifth quadrant outside the four quadrant rectangle. Predictably, the credit costs needed to be repaid. Inflation happened. The Galbraith-Famous, Ivy-League, "Wage-Price Spiral" had nothing to do with it. There was too much credit, with all its fees. Galbraith would later on acknowldge that the Reagan-Deficits themselves: Were not in the Keynesian Tradition, at all. His world, too, had changed. Even Bob Hope may have learned from me: How to get Gerald Ford to hit the ball over there, instead. There was even a Toluca Lake connection, to East Coast events, early on.

    Anyone sees all the "gifts" that must have been given, except that they were not! Like in Matthew 25:14-30, the lowest income servant--with the one talent--couldn't possibly keep up in that fixed percentage income raised situation. The one talent merely got buried. In the Bush-Cheney policy-caused housing crisis, the low income mortgage-payers were
    not a part of the "Economic Trajectory," just like under Reagan. The pricey sold-off notes were credit without any backing. Only recently are Republicans finally conceding that actually notes do have to be repaid.

    After Reagan, Total Net Debt, thanks to Greenspan, moved even into a sixth quadrant outside the original rectangle. The Clintons had provided equal-amount tax relief to help pay down the debt--low income markets also thrived. State and Local Tax bases thrived. That became more and more of no further consequence since people were already being thrown off the tax rolls, however.

    Talk about gifts(?)! Actually there were none, anymore. Talking about them: Was all that was left. Bush-Cheney found that their "gifts" of tax cuts--didn't work. They could at least discuss how they had learned do them. Jewish people now go to school, a lot, in the clearly, wrong Ivy League. Lower and Middle incomes got no gifts at all. They had no federal income tax liability. Someone apparently gifted(?), did seek remedy of all alleged grievances, in some attemtpt at lowering the skyline of City of New York. As the consequent military spending continued, a "gift" finally became any body armor actually foraged from "gifts" of debris left in the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Joe Biden would become partially famous for noting that all the time. No one really cares about foreign policy, even when the embassies are under attack.

    Any understanding of the Total Credit Market is not entirely about all the gifts. The basic income raising flaw, computing: Needs the adjustment of the Matthew 20 kind of raise. That could easily become applied as an indexed equal amount COLA, as an example. That method happened in the 1986 Income Tax Reform, but was applied to the standard deduction and personal exemptions. Mostly, people were thrown off the tax rolls completely. In an indexed "Refundable Make Work Pay Tax Credit," there essentially would happen a "Giving" of each day the daily bread, even adjusted for any price inflation.

    It is not clear that Mormons have the concept. It is not clear that Baptists have the concept. It is not clear that Catholics have the concept. The Jews and The Moslems do not have the concept. Even in the Orient. . .even the Communists do not have the Concept! Hollywood therefore creates love songs(?), just like they do in Tennessee. . .or Liverpool. . . .or probably by now, outsourced to Pakistan or somewhere(?)! Someone seems to have picked South Korea, for example. The Communists seem to have picked North Korea for their world's most nearly sex-crazed man, or whatever. It is not clear yet, in comparison, if the South Korean. . . .even feels any sense of affection for the horse.

    The lunch between Romney and Obama will be very, very private: In Comparison(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    ("Life is Like That," maybe someday(?)! It doesn't seem to be thought really all that commonplace, so far(?)!)
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