NY Times Nixes 'Anti-Islam' Ad, Runs Anti-Catholic Ad...

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    Ah yes, when in doubt just bash the Christians. And using our Troops to push their warped agenda? Can the Liberal Media stoop any lower? The Left's nutty crusade against Christians goes on.


    Executives at The New York Times have rejected a full-page anti-Islam advertisement that mimicked a controversial anti-Catholic advertisement they published on March 9.

    According to a Mar. 13 letter sent by the Times to the ad’s sponsor, anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller, the $39,000 anti-Islam ad was rejected because “the fallout from running this ad now could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger.

    Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, accused the Times of having a double standard and told The Daily Caller that The Time’s was based on “either [anti-Catholic] bigotry or fear [of Islamic violence], and they’ve painted themselves into that corner.”

    Donohue said the frequent claims of intellectual honesty by Times employees would compel them to address the double standard if they weren’t “shameless.”

    TheDC asked Robert Christie, the Times’ senior vice-president for corporate communications, if the Times’ decision is a surrender to violence and also an incentive for additional threats of violence.

    However, Christie declined to discuss the paper’s decision, and referred TheDC to the letter sent by the Times to Geller and her organization, Stop the Islamization of Nations.

    The Times’ letter included a commitment to “consider the ad … for publication in a few months,” and the claim that “we publish this type of advertising, even those we disagree with, because we believe in the First Amendment.”

    Geller scoffed at the Times’ conditional commitment. She told TheDC she believes the Times will never publish a criticism of Sharia, or Islamic law, because “when is it ever a good time to blaspheme under the Sharia?”

    On multiple occasions since the 1980s, Islamist groups have murdered fellow Muslims and non-Muslims following Western criticism of Sharia, Islamic texts, or even the Western production of cartoons about Islamic violence.

    At least two U.S.-based Muslims have been jailed for threatening American media professionals who produced criticism of Sharia. In 2010, a U.S. cartoonist, Molly Norris, went into hiding to evade threatened Islamist attacks.

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