NHL vs. NBA ratings

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    TV Ratings: CBS repeats top NBA, NHL on Tuesday on Hitfix

    NHL audience remains about 40% that of the NBA (both beaten by non-sports reruns). This is a bit of an improvement in fact. The question remains why is a boring sport like basketball so much more popular than an exiciting sport like hockey among spectators?

    There are many theories, of course. Hockey is not played as widely among the public, basketball can be played in any climate, hockey has too many Canadian and European players, etc. Both games were suspenseful in the final minutes, but having caught the last ten minutes of the basketball game last night after the hockey ended, I can't say it was exciting. It was suspenseful yes, exciting no. The hockey on the other hand was breathtaking until the final second. Play didn't stop every 0.5 seconds for the last five minutes like in the basketball. Nevertheless the public still prefers basketball.

    I am afraid its a question of reverse racism. The public today doesn't like hockey because its perceived as a mostly white sport, while basketball is perceived as a mostly black one. Black = cool, white = boring. I hope that's not the case, but what else could explain it?

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