My prediction. And I am always right in my predictions.

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    My election prediction!...

    Obamney wins!!!

    1) More undeclared wars
    After all, who doesn't like a dictator deciding when to invade a country!? Declaration of war through congress so that citizens are represented?...hah! The Constitution is old and we might as well burn it. Declaration of war by the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2) More policing of the world and general shenanigans
    We're only in over 150 countries and spend more on 'defense' than
    the next top ten countries combined, so why stop now? My stocks are skyrocketing thanks to giving jobs to my defense contractor friends. Funding our enemies might even help our cause so that we have more stuff to do!
    List of countries by military expenditures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    U.S. money is Taliban's No. 2 revenue source - CBS News

    3) Drone strikes
    Who doesn't love wearing a mask and blowing up innocent babies in Pakistan?! Plus, as a bonus, we even get to use them to assassinate American citizens!
    US drones kill up to 80% civilians
    Families of US citizens killed in drone strike file wrongful death lawsuit | World news |

    4) National Defense Authorization Act
    Trial is a waste of time. After all, we know the court systems are backlogged. Now we can just indefinitely detain people without trial if we accuse you of being involved with 'terrorism.' And having seven days worth of food stored can cause you to be a terrorist! So much for you Hurricane Sandy preppers!
    NDAA | American Civil Liberties Union

    5) Income Tax
    Is the product of your labor your property? Hah! After government force decides how much they take, you can keep the rest. And you better pay up or I'll send an agent to lock you in a cage.
    IRS continues to jail Income Tax Return filers

    6) Continue failed drug war
    Want to decide what you do with your body because you think you own it?! LOL. After having our campaign funded by pharmaceutical companies that want a monopoly over THC among other things, I'll send in expensive teams to come raid your house, shoot your dog, and take your naturally Earth-grown plant. Oh, and I'm keeping all of the money for myself. You're welcome drug lords and prison owners!
    Public Citizen Access to Justice, Financial Reform and Government Accountability
    DEA agent shoots and kills dog in eastern New Orleans |

    7) Rights for groups
    Individual rights? Hah! Using government force, I will segregate groups as voting blocs and grant or take away rights based on how I can get elected. Want to form a voluntary contract with someone? Forget it! It doesn't matter if marriage is older than the idea of government, I will put a government approved stamp on it to cater to my base! Plus, I'll give my group those super-nice tax benefits! :)
    7 Tax Advantages of Getting Married - TurboTax® Tax Tips & Videos
    Tax Issues for Same-Sex Couples |

    8) Bailouts & Crony Capitalism
    No wonder Goldman Sachs loves funding me! Thanks to you fools, I'll tell you the economy is on the brink and that I need the Ben Bernanke to print up more money at the FED so that I can give it to my buddies that screwed you over! Remember, those assets are troubled and need a relief program, lmao!
    [ame=]Mitt Romney On Ben Bernake, TARP, & Health Care 1/28/10 - YouTube[/ame]

    9) Continue the FED shenanigans
    Gas, food, and house prices rising? LOL. I'll keep using the '08 crash scapegoat instead of talking about the inflation that the FED is causing. In fact, the FED is the root of all our problems, which is why I didn't mention it once during the 'debate' which by the way my buddies and I in the opposite party formed a cartel called the Commission on Presidential Debates LOL. You just move along now while I create & buy out $40 billion/month of worthless pieces of paper.
    Romney and Obama: Like two peas in a pod - Boulder Daily Camera

    10) Continue increasing the debt/deficit
    Thanks to baseline budgeting, now we can say we're cutting when in fact it just slows the growth of are automatic growth of 9%! Which is why in reality, we won't be cutting anything LOL! I know real candidates like Gary Johnson want to drastically cut government by 43%, the amount currently borrowed, but I'll just keep up the same shenanigans and you will never know the difference.
    Romney or Obama Win Means No Escape From Fiscal Crisis of Debt - Bloomberg

    11) Dept. of Education
    Want small government? LOL. That's what they said in 1979 before this department was created and we pretended to be against more government control. What do we say in 2012? Ya, that's cool. Now we can collect money from all states using force and then send back only some of the money with 16 cents of strings attached to each dollar. What a funny game! You fools still believe that you should send us you're money and then we will re-distribute it around. Will you win or will you lose? You must play our games to find out!

    12) FEMA
    All of my political friends have big expensive homes on the beach. The free market wouldn't cover them for flood insurance or they wouldn't take it because it was too expensive compared to my program. But thanks to my government force, I will now take all of your money and redistribute it to them when their house is crumbled! Thanks for subsidizing them & me you fools!
    Government-subsidized flood insurance premiums are about half of full-risk price | The Center for Public Integrity

    13) Internet Control & Executive Orders
    Can't pass something legally through Congress? LOL, I'll just create an Executive Order but I can't do it too often or things will start to look fishy. You like the internet? If there is an 'emergency' I will cease all IP's nationwide. So don't be starting a revolution anytime soon!
    Obama signs order outlining emergency Internet control | Internet & Media - CNET News

    14) Patriot Act & TSA
    Don't want to be spied upon and groped by government agents? Too bad, you will continue to be scared so that you support the complete loss of your civil liberties!
    [ame=]Mitt Romney on the Patriot Act - YouTube[/ame]

    15) Iran
    Sure, Iran sympathized with the US on 9/11, but now we should bomb them because they are trying to defend themselves by perhaps acquiring a nuclear weapon. It's not like the only country in history to ever use a nuclear weapon on someone was the United States...oh wait...
    World Trade Center Vigil in Tehran at Best Iran
    Nuclear weapons and the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Just dropped by to see what condition my prediction was in...
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