Mud-Slinging, why?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cain, Apr 2, 2011.

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    I have seen mud-slinging, and I do not understand it. I do not see how anyone can gain from it. I mean, I have honestly thought maybe someday I should try politics, cause I know I could withstand corruption, if for no other reason then someone offering me *insert money/power* for a vote in something, would not work. I guess because money/power is something I plan to earn with my muscles (mind, and body), not with giving up my beliefs.

    Let's say I am now running for the Governor of North Dakota, and my opponent is mud-slinging me, maybe he is using my origin "he grew up in the South" as a way. I'd address the problem with as much logic and sensibility as possible. For example:

    Governor Opponent: "He grew up in Tennessee, he is not a native of this great state, he is a Redneck from the middle of nowhere in Dixieland."

    I would address this with:

    Cain: "Yes, I grew up in the South, and? Everyone has to grow up somewhere, I did not choose to live in Tennessee, or on a farm, but unlike my honorable opponent, I choose to address issues that affect you, North Dakota, not issues that affect my opinion of someone."

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