Ms. Ahrens, 64, and Mr. Jones, 50 Homeless-now

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    Homeless couple moves into Coram apartment

    In a brand-new apartment, located within a building that had been delayed from opening since winter, a five-month old kitten runs through a maze of boxes, bins and plastic bags before settling down on a cool bathroom floor one humid afternoon in Coram.

    Her name is “Bo-Bo” and her tale is similar to that of her owners Anitra Ahrens and Jeffrey Jones.

    The couple, who had been living in a 1999 GMC Yukon for the past two years, found the grey and orange kitty behind a King Kullen store on a chilly March evening. This is the same parking lot where Ms. Ahrens, 64, and Mr. Jones, 50, slept.

    “We saved her, but she really saved us,” Mr. Jones said as Bo-Bo shifted about in the living room, a pink bell attached to her collar jingling with each move. “Taking care of her helped us get our minds off of our situation. It’s not easy being homeless.”

    Now the three of them have moved off the streets and into Cabrini Gardens, a 64-unit affordable senior housing complex located on Route 25 next to the county health center.

    But it didn’t happen overnight.

    The couple had been living out of their vehicle since 2009, when their landlord evicted them from their Mastic home after Brookhaven Town found the property housed an illegal apartment.

    In September, Ms. Ahrens and Mr. Jones signed papers to live at Cabrini Gardens with Hempstead-based real estate company Stanan Management, who manages projects for the developer, Catholic Charities of Rockville Center. They were told they could move in by mid-November.

    But months after the apartments were expected to open for lease, the couple remained shut out as the property owners struggled to obtain a certificate of occupancy, the final document needed before tenants are allowed to move in.

    read more, video Video: Homeless couple moves into Coram apartment | North Shore Sun
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    A warm place with no memory.
    Chicago had a Cabrini once.


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