Liberal Politico has a new piece titled: "How Iowa Became An Obamacare Horror Story"

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    liberals admit Obamacare is a "horror story". Obamacare is a failure! deal with it.

    How Iowa Became An Obamacare Horror Story
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    Our health insurance delivery system isn't much better.

    We are a very (and needlessly so) expensive system.

    From the article:

    That’s a lesson tens of thousands of Iowans have learned over the past four years as the state’s individual health insurance market has imploded, with insurers fleeing the market because of big losses. With Obamacare’s fifth open-enrollment season kicking off on Nov. 1, the consequences are playing out across one of America’s most politically influential states as residents struggle to maintain coverage.

    Just one insurer, Medica, is willing to sell Obamacare plans in Iowa for next year—and it plans to raise premiums by an average of more than 50 percent. Thousands of Iowans, particularly those who make too much money to qualify for financial assistance, are likely to find that monthly premiums for 2018 are less comparable to a cellphone bill and more like a mortgage payment. The Iowa Insurance Division predicts that the number of individuals enrolled in coverage will decrease by at least 25 percent next year.

    “I think you’ll have a lot of people who just give up and fall out of the market,” said Tom Bowman, CEO of Davenport’s Community Health Care, a clinic that serves roughly 30,000 predominantly low-income individuals each year.


    Then they pay the fines.

    This just does not sound right.
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