Just how childish,how juvenile are Obama supporters..well Obama thinks he's...

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    AND remember Obama told ALL you first time voters at his acceptance in 2008..
    that as the Messiah.."slowing the rising oceans and healing the planet"

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2pZSvq9bto]Obama speech oceans receding, planet healing - YouTube[/ame]

    And yet the Obama supporters have to resort to throwing nails in a parking lot, scratching Obama's name into cars and like the kiddish Obama supporters frequently do resort to very childish name calling..."Romnesia"???? Wow!!!

    NOTE folks... I didn't mention the Democrat party as part of this because I truly believe there are some respected Democrats really embarrassed by this President and his supporters!

    Obama's 2008 Campaign Co-Chair Endorses Mitt Romney
    “Artur Davis, the former Obama campaign co-chair, will be campaigning for Mitt Romney today in Virginia, according to the Romney campaign.
    “In Arlington, the former congressman will "discuss Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s bold ideas to strengthen the middle class and deal with our long-term debt" ...
    “Davis has already made a few appearances for Romney in Virginia and in North Carolina this year.

    Dems For Romney

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