It's not Obama's fault .

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    If Obama is a control freak , socialist , elitist , or whatever , he's just going with the flow of our new societal order . We used to be a mind your own business , live and let live type of country . Now we've got everybody bleating to whatever government entity they can to control people's lives . Where I live , the predominately Republican city council just created A "heritage district" . This area encompasses roughly a square mile in the oldest part of town . Basically , you can't build a new building int his area unless it goes with the character of the neighborhood , in other words ,you have to build a new building that looks 100 years old . Say the siding is rotting on your house , you can't replace it with modern plywood type siding , you have to use old style shiplap which is at least three times as expensive . We have a junk vehicle law which states if a vehicle is inoperable for 45 days ,you must junk it . I bought an old boat when my son was two years old , It filled with water , cat-tails grew up in it , polliwogs appeared in it . My son loved it , he called it his eco-system and loved watching that old boat slowly deteriorating and being reclaimed by nature . Last year after having the boat on my property for 10 years , the city made me get rid of it . We have government entities at all level , non-government organizations , schools , activist groups , an endless list of busy-body half-wits , all pouring our entire society down a funnel where we come out the other end as a bunch of mindless robots . So it's not like Obama is anything new , he's just a product of a society that likes to try to control anything and everything around them in an attempt to create a safe , sterile , drab , gray society .
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