Indiana the new south

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    As a middle aged black male in the state of Indiana and living next to the state many years, there still is a very strong good ole boy network here. With multiple problems our nation has that I feel reach beyond the stars, Black males are still the number one concern in the state of Indiana. Sadly not only by white males and females yet also the black leadership keeps the problems going also. Proof to back up my post includes police harassment in the capital city, confederate flags still attached to vehicles and t shirts, 10 year old black boys tased by police, black women waking up to racist graffiti on their homes, and law enforcement still goes by some of the Jim Crow era tactics with black males arrested and injured because a white person accuses them of a crime which can not be proven. Several months ago a popular black male activist and some of the ministers in the capital tried to address this growing problem with the mayor of Indianapolis. Even the immigrants do not get treated this way, if I were an immigrant I would have more freedom and civil rights then Black people, yet don't condone violence toward them or the injustice many blacks live under in this state. The population of Indiana so far is a little over 6 million only 9% are black people which I estimate black males age 16 to 45 are only 4% of the population? Some restaurants will spike your food, unfair hotel treatment, and casinos have a problem with black people in their establishment also, many situations here people will try to set you up, oh a little about me harassed and injured by the police also with no proof of a crime or previous charge.

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