In The Other Washington, A Rising GOP Star...

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    By Patrick Ennis

    Washington State has not elected a Republican governor in 32 years — the longest GOP gubernatorial drought in the country. It’s the fourth-most unionized state. Its teachers’ union, trial lawyers and environmentalist lobby are as strong as any state’s and are funding its largest super PAC.

    So it wasn’t surprising when Obama carried Washington by a 17-point margin in 2008. What was surprising was that Republican Rob McKenna won the state’s attorney general election with 59% of the vote that same day, outperforming McCain by 19 points. No other statewide candidate in the country outperformed his party’s presidential candidate by as large a margin that year. If Washington State were a major market like California or New York, this astonishing result would’ve been heralded by the media.

    After two terms as attorney general, McKenna is now running for governor and is ahead in fundraising, endorsements and most polls.

    What’s going on? First, politics is about candidates. And even in this traditionally Democratic stronghold, McKenna is proving to be a compelling choice. His efforts as the state’s top attorney have given him significant name recognition statewide, and he has a record of successfully combating mortgage fraud, human trafficking and consumer scams that target the elderly.

    His message is resonating with conservatives, independents and even many liberals. His calls for streamlining state government and reforming Washington’s lagging public education system have drawn high praise from a wide range of supporters. In fact, several groups that endorsed the current Democratic incumbent have crossed party lines to endorse McKenna over his public employee union-backed opponent...

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