Immigrant workers say wage theft on the rise

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    Vinicio Ezparza doesn't expect to see the $5,500 he says he's owed for construction work he did on a Darien, Ill., pet store last year.

    The checks the contractor issued to him and about 30 other workers on various projects bounced, though the employees kept working for several more weeks in hopes of finally getting paid, Ezparza said. Then the company declared bankruptcy and nobody was paid anything, he said.

    During a meeting Saturday with a U.S. Department of Labor director, Ezparza and a group of other mostly immigrant workers said such cases of wage theft are on the rise as jobs become more scarce and people like them become more desperate.

    "People are willing to do whatever they have to," Ezparza said, speaking for many in the group of several dozen people gathered in the basement of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in South Chicago.

    But because many of those workers are too afraid to lodge a formal complaint, the practice is allowed to continue, countered Jules Van Rengen, a director with the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division.

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    Immigrant workers should complain more about rising cases of wage theft, federal official urges group -


    Do immigrants care about the Americans they are putting out of work?

    The rest of the story contains the usually LA RAZA propaganda of how Latinos suffer so much. It's a real tear jerker.

    However, the organization mentioned that helps these invaders, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, receives funding from the Archdiocese of Chicago. And they treat these invaders like they are the chosen ones that must be protected while poor Americans don't receive a dime of funding.

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