Volunteers help immigrants in transit. Who helps poor Americans?

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    On a recent night, two women, one from China and other from México, walked into the downtown Greyhound bus terminal. They looked bewildered and tired, and each carried a clear plastic bag and a large yellow envelope, plus a few personal belongings.

    They knew no one in the near-empty waiting room. Neither spoke English.
    But within minutes, Vicki Kline and Jean Boucher gently greeted the two frightened women.

    The two are volunteers who welcome immigrants released from the Eloy immigration detention facility. Five nights a week a government vehicle arrives at the Greyhound station, housed in a temporary building squeezed between Interstate 10 and the federal courthouse, and deposits the freed immigrants. They are released with the belongings they had with them when they were detained.

    They are given nothing else but their release papers in the envelope. Most will face deportation hearings. A few are freed and allowed to remain in the country.

    Some of the immigrants require no assistance or don't want help, said Boucher and Kline. Most do, however.

    "Some people don't know how to use a phone or don't speak English," said Kline.

    The Restoration Project is a small faith-based group that offers respite and hospitality to immigrants like María García. She was released from detention and looking to return to her New York City home.

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    What organizations are there to help poor Americans who got betrayed by these people who fund "immigrant only" organizations. They push poor Americans aside so they can get the glory from LA RAZA, newspapers, TV, and phony church groups.

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