Illegal Immigrants Are Above The Law

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    Illegal Immigrants Are Above The Law

    While American citizens - be they white, black or hispanic - are shoved around, watched and brutalized by a police state that affords protection only to the criminals ... thelaw.htm

    Many were shocked and stunned by the footage showing pro-illegal alien demonstrators cheer and taunt as police grab a man who stuck his middle finger up at the marchers, before slamming his face into the concrete. But why should we be? Illegal aliens are a protected underclass and they are seemingly above the law.
    The video shows pro-illegals screaming and cheering with glee as the cops manhandle someone who dare voice an opposing opinion, while other passers-by vandalize the man's car and verbally taunt him.
    In any other case, an individual interfering with an arrest would immediately be confronted and possibly arrested by police, but not in this instance, because illegal aliens are above the law.
    Aliens have already broken the law by entering the country without permission - they are already criminals, but instead of being treated as such, they are exalted to a God-like status where they are outside of the laws that govern the rest of us.
    Illegal aliens are not required to have insurance or a drivers license and when police pull them over and they can't speak English the cops just let them go. This is commonly accepted and we have talked directly to police who have admitted the fact that they are ordered to release illegal aliens. It's one law for American citizens and another for the precious illegals.
    Illegal aliens can now cash checks, get credit cards and open bank accounts without a social security number or any other documentation besides an easily obtained card from the government of a different country, yet American citizens are shunned if they don't have all their papers in order. Organizations like Bank of America reward criminals for entering the country illegally and give them a clear incentive to stay.
    This isn't an issue of race or affording leniency to minorities, it's a matter of deciding if the law should apply to everyone who resides in the United States or whether certain segments of the population should be exempt from it and allowed to commit crime without punishment.
    But don't worry, because the Bush administration has a solution for dealing with criminals that have already broken the law by entering the country illegally - simply legalize them all with a mass amnesty program! This is akin to a city Mayor dealing with a rash of shootings by legalizing murder. Eradicate the crime by just taking it off the books!
    Meanwhile, border agents who attempt to apprehend drug smugglers attempting to sneak into the United States are jailed and subsequently beaten for violating the illegal alien's civil rights! This is the message the Bush administration sends to the border patrol - if you do your job then you'll get punished for it.

    Why are illegal aliens who have already broken the law and are criminals lavished and coddled by the government and large corporations, while American citizens - be they white, black, or hispanic, are pushed around, surveilled and lectured by Big Brother?
    The plan is to piggy back the agenda to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a North American Union onto the openly stated invasion - the Aztlan reconquista and the radical annexation of the American south-west.
    Aztlan radicals subscribe to a bizarre liberation theology that the southern and western states are their ancestral homeland and that they are justified in launching a violent and bloody separatist war, including the ethnic cleansing of blacks and whites, to re-conquer this territory.
    Their motives overlap with the global elite who steer and control them - the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and the excuse for a total lockdown police state once rioting and race war ensues.
    This is why rampant illegal immigration and the protection of illegal criminals who have entered the U.S. is a deliberate policy of the criminal corporation that has hijacked the U.S. government.
    This is why illegal aliens are above the law.

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