I Have The Solution To State's Deficits

Discussion in 'Economy' started by DaGoose, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Minimum wage. Maybe even less than that... I'll call it "what a desperate workers is willing to take" wage (WDWWT).

    Details of the plan

    I propose that all states facing budget shortfalls immediately declare bankruptcy to eliminate all debt and start anew with a clean slate.

    Next, all employees are to be fired and replace using the WDWWT wage concept. No need for a police officer to make $40k a year plus benefits and pension when a 18 kid can be shown how to operate a gun, sometimes even safely. Ratio of officers to population to be set at 20,000 to one. Cities under 20,000 in population are encouraged to arm themselves. Private militias are optional.

    All fire protection services to become 100% voluntary. There's no provision in the Constitution for fire protection. Personnel services, equipment, buildings, etc to be completely donated regardless of city size or population.

    All school districts eliminated and all public schools closed. Educating children to become strictly optional, one way of maintaining the WDWWT system. Private education will remain but with absolutely no taxpayer support of any kind. Homeschooling encouraged even for two working parent families. Mothers should quit work, after all, they belong in the house. Individuals are encouraged to develop their own curriculums, math and science strictly optional.

    No more water services, not in the Constitution, sorry. All sewage plants and water plants to be closed at once. Citizens are encourage to dig their own wells and manage their own waste. Those in arid areas are encouraged to move to more favorable conditions where localities would welcome them.

    City, county, state trash services to cease immediately. Burning is an available option including hazardous waste and toxic effluents.

    All health services, hospitals, clinics to be eliminated. Health care will be available privately to anyone that can afford it. The rest can move to Cuba, if they have the funds available for such trip.

    Regulatory functions totally eliminated. Building codes, zoning regulations, standards and measures, water/air quality standards, and any current requirements such as licensing, training, education accreditations, etc to be wiped from the books, including the books. In short, any regulation on individuals or businesses eliminated.

    Road maintenance, infrastructure maintenance and any new capital investment on infrastructure eliminated. Citizens are encouraged to maintain their own piece of road and to volunteer cash and sweat to build/maintain any public structure. Parks and green areas maintenance to become voluntary.

    All social services to be eliminated, for everybody, everywhere.

    Illegals to be shot on sight. If, after checking documentation, any actual citizens are found to be killed apologies will be forthcoming.

    Judicial functions will be restricted to property rights protection only. 99% of judges and prosecutorial positions to be eliminated. Citizens are free to deal with any other type of crime as they see fit. On second thought, that reminds me there will not -after all- be any need to provide police protection. Who needs cops with a well-armed population more than willing to do the work.

    Airports, air traffic control services, and security services to become privatized. Not in the constitution either.
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    conservative hell california
    Minimum wage, I like it, how about getting rid of the minimum wage, taxes are based on minimum wage, the higher the minimum wage the more tax the government collects, the more money they take, the more they want, the more they have the more they spend.

    No taxes or fees on the people and no minimum wage.

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