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    Holography is is the science and practice of making holograms. Typically, a hologram is a photographic recording of a light field, rather than of an image formed by a lens, and it is used to display a fully three-dimensional image of the holographed subject, which is seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics. The hologram itself is not an image and is usually unintelligible when viewed under diffuse ambient light. It is an encoding of the light field as an interference pattern of seemingly random variations in the opacity, density, or surface profile of the photographic medium. When suitably lit, the interference pattern diffracts the light into a reproduction of the original light field and the objects that were in it appear to still be there, exhibiting visual depth cues such as parallax and perspective that change realistically with any change in the relative position of the observer (source of information: Wikipedia).


    Holography-art is the use/arrangement of holograms to create presentations of perspective and dynamics/motion meant to convey some statement/message about reference, standards, position, consciousness, or even basic illusions. We use holography-art to evaluate human perceptions of 3D space, the speed of light, and even magic. Holograms are like waking-state re-presentations of imagery not unlike the 'feeling' of vision during dream-sleep. Therefore holography-art represents a social fascination with 'images' of dream-perception ambiguity or 'sci-fi texture.'


    Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light is a science fantasy media franchise that consisted of a short-lived toyline of action figures and vehicles produced by Hasbro, and an animated television series by Sunbow Productions that ran for one season of thirteen episodes in 1987, while Star Comics published a bimonthly comic book series that lasted six issues from November 1987 to September 1988. The animated series was the only Hasbro property to be produced by Sunbow without the aid of Marvel Productions, and utilized Japanese studio TMS Entertainment for overseas animation work (source of information: Wikipedia).

    In this series, there are stories of fantastic warriors who wield potent/magical hologram-beasts/warrior-avatars in their chest-armor which leap out to help them fight enemies. These 'hologram-diadems' represent a new age human fascination with magic and perception, perhaps a complement/compliment to our computer innovations and virtual reality technologies!

    Holography-art is therefore a potent modernism symbol/totem for cartoons, video-games graphics meditation, comics, toys, science-projects, and even futuristic storytelling. After all, a hologram challenges us to consider why perception and dreams are not necessarily 2D.

    So how is such modern art representative of modern daydreams (e.g., Tron)?



    "Jesus Christ returned to Earth in the distant future only to discover that human civilization was taken over by a race of evil machines, cyber-virtual 'entities' that used holograms and grids to enslave mankind. Jesus noted, however, that various 'underground comics' circulated in America that represented a rebellious passion against the domination by the evil empire. Jesus began perusing these exciting comics!"


    "Jesus also noted that Internet mail-order-brides registered to find American husbands so they could live in Western civilization in these times were 'endangered' by this evil empire which placed little value on human 'activities' which otherwise promoted life and praised technology itself. Jesus decided that there must be a 'league of warriors' charged with the protection of these human liberties."


    "Jesus found a classic DC Comics black-and-white photo of the iconic superheroine Wonder Woman and decided that she represented all the old-world ideals regarding democracy and human liberty. Jesus decided that the league of warriors he'd ask God to create for mankind would be a praise of the values/virtue of Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman would then serve as some kind of 'liberty diplomat.' Jesus wondered then what this 'league of warriors' could do for the serene Wonder Woman (DC Comics)."


    "Of course, Wonder Woman flew an 'invisible' holographic jet, so Jesus asked God to design a series of warriors who would literally be able to transcend the limits of 3D space-time and offer potency and powers that created 'waves' in metaphysics itself. God agreed to do this, since the archangel Michael was not equipped to become a 'hologram.' Jesus was very happy and continued to analyze how Wonder Woman's holographic jet could serve as some kind of psychophysical re-presentation of space-time evangelism."


    "The league of warriors God designed were armored soldiers who protruded strange 3D lasers from their chests. These lasers coagulated to form regular shapes and objects which themselves were malleable and very energized (and hence hot!). The hologram-diadems would be weaponized and could help humanity deal with the evil empire of machines using holograms and electric-grids to otherwise enslave mankind. Jesus was meditating."


    "An evil minion working for the empire of cyber-machines that had enslaved mankind was concerned that Jesus would return to 'save' humanity and hence prepared to confound his mission. This minion was a human himself named the 'Raven.' Raven was sinister and Machiavellian, and he used his public-radio show to tell all the human slaves that their machine-masters would not fall to the 'graces' or 'evangelism' or a returned Jesus. This seriously demoralized the people."


    "God made the league of warriors and sent them to Earth for Jesus to lead into battle. Jesus then asked these warriors to make plastic action-figure models for kids, and Jesus distributed these 'hologram-chested warrior toys' to kids of Earth on Christmas Day. Every human being felt elated and for a brief moment 'liberated' from the evil arm of the machine-empire. Meanwhile the real-life league of warriors went about using their holography-powers to dismantle the various towers of Raven's fortress which lay at the center of NYC. The machine-empire was beginning to literally dissolve."


    "As the league of warriors concluded their crusade for Jesus, God's archangel Michael took over and warred with Satan (the Devil) who was busy meandering and boosting Raven's ominous authority. Michael exposed Satan and Raven as 'pawns' of darkness, while Jesus and the league of warriors created new castles and visions of democracy so humanity could dream once again about liberty...and Wonder Woman (DC Comics)!"


    "Jesus made a voice-recording of the entire crusade at these End of Days onto a vintage 1980s compact cassette, which was titled Sporting Life. He kept this tape and made a copy for God. God told Jesus that this 'magical tape' would be a memento of the great rapture that saved humanity from becoming 'enslaved' by perceptions/constructions of holograms, illusions, electric grids, and nightmares. Jesus was therefore the triumphant and returned King of kings."


    GOD: Jesus saved the day with the league of warriors!
    SATAN: Yes, they've managed to used holography to subvert fascism.
    GOD: You can't enslave men's dreams forever...
    SATAN: Well, Raven almost succeeded with his 'dream-control schemes.'
    GOD: Now, Jesus will spread the idealism behind Wonder Woman (DC Comics)!
    SATAN: Never underestimate the power of discourse and imagination...
    GOD: Yes, right.
    SATAN: Remember in the 20th Century, when The Toxic Avenger was popular?
    GOD: I remember that film and those pollution-paranoia comics...
    SATAN: Mankind seems to need a good deal of 'medicine.'
    GOD: Well, don't make light of the 'needs' of the delicate and fragile mind.
    SATAN: Perhaps holography-art will be once again a 'capital enterprise.'
    GOD: It seems capitalism and commerce will once again create democracy!
    SATAN: Jesus was a real magician.
    GOD: Yes, he was.
    SATAN: I wonder if kids will play video-games about the 'league of warriors.'
    GOD: You seem to be very 'shrewd' about marketing...
    SATAN: The imagination can be marketed as an asset.
    GOD: I wonder what Adam Smith or Alan Greenspan would have thought!
    SATAN: Holography-art will be a new 'canon' for marketing superstition..and toys.




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