Ho Hum....News? He Did It Again.

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    In the category of "news....nothing new"....
    Want some hints, so you can play along with the home-version of the game?

    ...the 'panderer-in-chief' ...did you guess who?

    wanted to do something for our Southeast Asian pals...guess?

    OK, Ok....here's the lowdown:

    1. An article published in the Japan Times on September 28 is beginning to generate some buzz on our side of the Pacific, as it suggests Obama wanted to stage some apology theater at the A-bomb craters in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the Japanese government said no.

    2. 'A senior official of Japan's Foreign Ministry told the U.S. ambassador in Tokyo it would be premature for U.S. President Barack Obama to visit the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima during his November 2009 trip to Japan, according to a secret U.S. cable recently released by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.'

    3. 'The cable indicates the Japanese government was then effectively discouraging Obama from visiting Hiroshima despite growing expectations over it following his call for a world free from nuclear weapons in a speech in Prague in April 2009.'

    4. The Japanese were worried that anti-nuke groups will expect Obama to follow up on his Prague rhetoric and put on a little show at the Fat Man and Little Boy blast sites.

    5. "He underscored, however, that both governments must temper the public's expectations on such issues, as the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a 'non-starter'," said the cable.

    6. Ambassador Roos made a low-key visit to Hiroshima to mark the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing in August 2010. This was still seen as an unspoken apology by some, including James Tibbets, son of the Enola Gay’s pilot:

    a. Tibbets, Jr., says Friday's visit to Hiroshima by U.S. Ambassador John Roos is an act of contrition that his late father would never have approved....Tibbets, whose father died in 2007 at the age of 92, said he receives dozens of calls from veterans every year around this time thanking him for his father's service.
    Was Obama Planning to Apologize For Hiroshima? - HUMAN EVENTS

    7. "The obsessive need of this president to apologize for American exceptionalism and our defense of freedom continued recently when Barack Obama's State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) contacted the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to "express its condolences" to his family. Khan, a right-hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with Awlaki in an airstrike in Yemen on Sept. 30. We apologized for killing a terrorist before he could help kill any more of us.

    8. It's yet another part of the world apology tour that began with Obama taking the oath of office to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, something he immediately felt sorry for."
    Apologies Not Accepted - Investors.com

    November 2012 can't come soon enough!!!!!
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    The Obama administration also recently disclosed that they gave million dollar loans to a firm called SolarFarm just weeks before they announced they were building new plants in Mexico.

    Jobs my ass. More like political favors.

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