Herman Cain Scandal Absurd, Irrelevant, and Entirely Distasteful Smear

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GeoLaureate8, Nov 2, 2011.

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    10 years later, supposed ex-colleagues are just now finally complaining of sexual harrassment? If it was really a problem to the women, this wouldve been brought to light a long time ago.

    It's funny that Herman Cain begins rising in the polls and then these people decide to make accusations about his past. Even if these accusers (if they exist) were telling the truth: a. who cares, the issues matter, not sideshow drama b. it's clearly an attempt to bring down Cain who is surging in the polls c. Clinton did something worse and is still praised d. this has not hurt Cain one bit.

    Even Ron Paul, who is opposed to Cain, suggested that another candidates campaign may be behind promoting this scandal.

    In fact, after investigators looked into the issue, it was found out that Romney is linked to it because a Romney donor worked with Cain in the restaraunt association.

    Most importantly though, this stuff about Cains personal past has nothing to do with how he plans to deal with Americas problems. People need to criticize the policy and philosophy, not the persons past irrelevant actions.

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