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Diamond Member, from NY 26th FINALLY DEM!

BS RW thread killer HMS Warspite Nov 20, 2014

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Nov 19, 2018 at 12:34 AM
    1. emilynghiem
      Thanks Franco HFW . Hope you have a great holiday season , late Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Let me know if you're serious about setting up sustainable health care that works. I'll write you into the budget proposal to Trump and Cruz to create jobs separating the plans so they don't impose on members of the other beliefs. Take care and have a great 2017!
      1. francoHFW thanked this.
      2. francoHFW
        Hopefully Trump is smart enough to just add more competition in the exchanges etc (as he said) and goes after COSTS. Without mandatory joining in, none of it works, of course. Happy holidays!
        Dec 29, 2016
    2. dani67
    3. Hutch Starskey
      Hutch Starskey
      Like the way you roll,dupe.
      1. francoHFW thanked this.
    4. Wildcard
      Go fuck yourself, dumbass!
    5. francoHFW
      BS RW thread killer HMS Warspite
    6. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Sorry bout that rant there Frankie. :)
    7. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Fuck you, moran.
    8. ScienceRocks
      I'm the great and powerful cornholio. You will bow down and give me t.b for my bung hole.
    9. tooAlive
      Grab a cup of coffee 'cause this is gonna be a long list.

      Huffington post calls on Eric Holder to resign over chronic abuse of authority - Democratic Underground

      Huffington Post: Holder Must Go! | 2012

      Huffington Post: Time for Eric Holder to go | News OK

      Huffington Post: Time for Eric Holder to go : Libertarian

      » Huffington Post joins the wingnuts, turns on Eric Holder - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
    10. Toronado3800
      Nice avatar! Warspite was probably the most accomplished battleship in history.
      1. francoHFW thanked this.
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    The USA is the only modern country in the world where full time workers live in poverty and have no health care (750k bankruptcies a year, most HAVE insurance - crap insurance!)After 30 years of Voodoo: worst min. wage, work conditions, illegal work safeguards, vacations, work week, college costs, rich/poor gap, upward social mobility, % homeless and in prison EVAH, and in the modern world!! And you complain about the victims? Are you an idiot or an A-hole? :cuckoo:
    Pubs have blocked EVERYTHING since 2/4/2010- don't be duped...again.:eusa_whistle: Stimulus worked-ran out in 2010.
    Total Pub Propaganda BS: ACORN, Kenyan Muslim Marxist,Tides, Mosque, Death Panel, lose your doctor, huge costs, DEBT CRISIS, Obama Recession, stimulus failed, Barney Frank, Nazi Soros, Nazi socialists, Volt suqs, Iran making bomb etc etc. :eusa_liar::cuckoo::lol:
    I'm sorry- dupes are lovely people- but I can't take their lazy, ignorant, careless, stupid politics a minute longer. Sorry