Health Insurance Is States' Rights Issue

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    No matter what good some may think that Obamacare might do that good pales when it comes to the Constitution and individual liberty.

    The Supreme Court should be looking at this as a State's Rights issue. Just because a state or states do not enact a program that some think would be beneficial does not mean the federal government can step in and do it for them.

    Insurance, no matter the type, has historically been regulated by the states. Any time an insurance company has wanted to enter a state to sell their product they had go to that state's Insurance Commission and seek approval. They do not go to the federal government! The insurance companies do not have blanket approval to operate in every state. Therefore, though the company may have a central headquaters in one state, a person in Ohio can not go to Indiana and purchase a policy, they must do that in their state. That is why Republicans have been trying to pass legislation permitting people to purchase health insurance across state lines. In a sense State Farm operating in Ohio is an Ohio company as far as sales are concerned. Therefore, since insurance sales can not take place across state lines there is no interstate commerce involved, which means that federal law in this case is negated and its passage and enforcement is unconstituional.

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