Have's vs. Have-Not's: The true definition of liberal vs Conservative

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ReAmericaNow, Aug 1, 2010.

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    State rights vs. federal powers, big government vs. small government, class warfare…

    These are just some of the few names of a problem that has plagued this country and our entire world for that matter. The problem is simple, basic and primitive. The problem boils down to Have’s vs. Have-Not’s.

    The question ought not be are you a liberal or are you a conservative? The question ought to be one much more basic and more fundamental; are you a have or a have-not? Now, if you are a have-not as most people are, then ask yourself “Am I happy being a have-not or do I want change?”

    If your response is “I am a have” or “I am a have-not but am happy being so” then fear not you are a true conservative. Else, you are a liberal and if not then I ask you why not?
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    You missed the ideal of being a conservative.

    There is a "have not and am not happy about it" who wants to become a "have" by individual hard work, saving money, smart decisions, and independence without government help.

    The "I am a have not but am happy being so" is NOT a true conservative. That would be a welfare queen liberal is a has not, but lives off government handouts without having to work and is quite content with that so long as the checks keep coming.

    Better definition:

    If you are a have or a have not, and believe you are where you are because of your own work ethic and decision making, and you and only you can change your reality for the better or worse, then you are a conservative.

    If you are a have or a have not, and believe you are where you are because you are oppressed, the government did it for you or didn't do enough for you, and that your life can change only by what the government will or will not do for you, then you are truly a liberal.

    The ideological mentality all boils down to the role of government vs the role of the individual.

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