Great Socialist Victories In Help Wanted Ads!

Discussion in 'Economy' started by mascale, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Help wanted advertising is actually getting back to fairly normal. The number of unemployed has even bounced back from the ceiling. On Venice Beach, in California, even just on Sunday: There was snow! The SuperGirl skate course on the one side of the beach park, was obstacles created normal. The Snow on the snowboard ramp was actually machine-created.

    Socialists create things for human consumption. Many who do not believe in Sociialist regulations are still trying to get the damned things: At least to slow down!

    Later in the day there was the annual "Equal Topless Rights" demonstration, as usual. More toward the city line, of the famous, "Peoples Republic of Santa Monica," some bees swarmed a parked bicycle, to likely engage in what bees do. . . having swarmed.

    The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine

    The gap between the number of unemployed and the number of jobs to be filled is apparently narrowing, again.

    Apparently millions took the weekend off, in fact, noting that stock exchange voulme-light is also back to customary.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's Conservatives, putting the Royals more into the gulag kind of lifestyle--for which Conservatives are famous--were not in attendance at the more liberated, humane, and victorious festivities on the California West Coast, last Sunday, in August. LIkely Prime Minister Vlad himself can further report that BP exiles, in Siberia, are also being well-treated. as is customary their Conservative Gulag, Tradition, as is usual(?)!)

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