Great Socialist Foreign Policy Of Obama Dropping Oil Prices Just Like Last Year!

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    2011 was no stranger to international headwinds facing the U. S. Economy. The Deities conspired--or deified, or something--to devastate Northern Japan, and some major flood basins in the United States: With Gasoline prices rising.

    So in Spring of 2011, the "soft patch" happened, and finally even the hyper-critical noted that the double-dip recession was not about to happen. Oil Prices peaked in April, now just like in 2012.

    Gas Price Historical Price Charts -

    2012 is different. Actually, the United State was robust in the winter, and the rest of the world is not, in comparison. Subsequent the first quarter, Spring activity is picking up. Even the used car market is stablilizing at lower prices, from the glut.

    But one thing is constant: The Obama foreign policy has calmed the Middle East. Now mostly anyone expects, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb John McCain," the more expected, outcome wanted.

    That does not originate of a business background(?), but is socialist of intervention on behalf of the markets of the world instead. Again. China benefits, India benefits, Japan benefits, France benefits, and even an occasional, royal yacht benefits. Germans and the frozen north even benefit. Sarah Palin can even drive to the coast: To catch a glimpse of Vlad riding shirtless, and on horseback.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (White Eyes Shoot Modern Arrow In The Sky! Land In Northern Vietnam Instead! Now flap like mudhen, not quite soaring from shores of many waters! Maybe Palin Squaw has noticed the resemblance, too(?)!)

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