Great news: New EEOC checkbox category emerges

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    links in article at site


    posted at 9:16 am on May 5, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

    Hey, I tried to anticipate the next expansion in ethnic categorization yesterday with my proposal for recognition of left-handed Finns as a protected minority, but that obviously doesn’t have the same ring to it as Jehmu Green’s contribution in this clip. Last night, the Democratic strategist paired off with The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson over the controversy surrounding Elizabeth Warren and her claims to Native American heritage, and Green dismissed Carlson as nothing more than a “bow tie’n white boy”:

    [ame=]Jehmu Greene Calls Tucker Carlson A "White Boy" - YouTube[/ame]

    The most humorous part of this exchange takes place just after this, when Carlson scolds Green for name-calling, and she says, “I didn’t call you a name!” After the break, Megyn Kelly conferred with producers and apologized on the air to Carlson for Green’s slam, which can only be called …. racist. Had Carlson tossed out a dismissive insult based on Green’s skin color on the air, his career would be over, and everyone knows it. I doubt the same thing will happen to Green, and that’s the kind of bias that isn’t funny at all.
    For the record, though, Warren’s qualifications for her post at Harvard are open to question, as Paul Bedard noted this week:

    all of it here
    Great news: New EEOC checkbox category emerges « Hot Air
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    all the racial hiarchy rules and double standards are hard to remember correctly. is there a playbook somewhere to brush up on the technicalities? does part Native white woman from a low status school trump a black man from an Ivy League school? what are the relative weightings for the different checkboxes?

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