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Discussion in 'Politics' started by RetiredGySgt, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Since Jillian and all the Liberal be wetters want the US Government to set the amount of pay a Private Corporation can pay its executives I was wondering if they also want the Government to set the pay of the following professions, professions that gouge and bleed the public or cause prices to be to high for Joe blow to attend something...

    Lawyers. Lawyers gouge the public and the Government daily. They suck up BILLIONS of dollars others should have including the Government. IF CEO's are over paid then why aren't these bed wetters whining about Lawyers and their awards in the Courts?

    Sports figures. They make MILLIONS just for playing some game. They cause prices to be so high to attend said games that most people can't go. They do nothing productive and suck money out of cities and out of the economy. Why aren't the bed wetters whining about them?

    Just curious?

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