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    Chinese Workers Spurn Jobs

    Companies were already under pressure from rising raw material costs, restive workers and lower payments for exports because of a stronger Chinese currency. Despite hiking wages, labor shortages kept getting worse as workers increasingly spurned the often repetitive and unskilled jobs that helped earn China its reputation as the world's low-cost factory floor.

    Workers spend grueling 14-hour shifts, with a 90-minute break, sewing casual shirts destined for Japan, Israel, South Korea and Mexico.

    Hubbs employs about 500 workers earning 1,800 to 2,000 yuan ($275 to $306) a month, a lot higher than Guangzhou's 1,300 yuan minimum wage, which came into effect March 1. But he's still short about 100 people, resulting in a 90-day turnaround time for orders, twice as long as he'd like. He wants to move 30 to 40 percent of production to a new factory in Cambodia, Laos or even Myanmar in six to eight months.

    And finally:

    Its activities in Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, will increasingly turn to research and development with a plan to hire more engineers and designers.

    Chinese Workers Spurn Jobs

    One thing we know is Republicans are anti education. We know they can't compete for jobs as "engineers and designers" which leaves them scrambling for jobs, without health care, paying them 300 bucks a month working 14 hours a day. This plan has got to be just what the GOP base is looking for. Don't they keep saying, "We should be more like China"?

    "Often repetitive and unskilled jobs" - if that doesn't describe the GOP base, then I don't know what does. Bring those jobs back.
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    Obama thinks being President of China would be an easier job than the one he has now. Probably because he's in over his head at his current position.
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    Funny how you got "Obama" out of China.

    Funnier still, it's the Chamber of Commerce, working with the GOP and China, giving seminars all across the US teaching companies how to outsource to China.

    How can the right ignore that?

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