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    Dear friends!

    Let me introduce a very important speech about something that goes on in place, where so many international businesses get cheap resources from. Yes, i mean Russia. This speech was written by the only one real Russian contemporary writer, Irina Dedukhova.

    This continues Deduhova’s series of articles “The Voice of Blood”

    It is very interesting, exactly right now, to study real extremism in all its doubtful “beauty” and irresistible attractiveness to political avanturists. At that, the analysis automatically comes together with the creation of images when you see what’s going on as a reflection of utopic ideas of hot, incoherent individuals, not burdened very much by intellect and education, who could not fit into a real life of “ordinary people”. This kind of ideas dealing with universal brotherhood in thin spheres of consciousness are not dangerous, they can be easily overthrown by common logic and human decency.

    As for the continuation of those ideas of some crackpot individuals in the form of very practical considerations and inevitable experiments upon living human beings on theoretical grounds of the “bright way for all the Mankind”, the “historical laws” – this is real and most dangerous extremism, which comes always with gluing of labels.

    A human being is in itself a very complex system with its free will and the possibility of moral choice provided from above. Except that, every one has more or less developed intuition, foresight, and other gadgets which must chase away anybody who intrudes with a psychic wish to make happy by force – classes, nationalities, peoples. But not the shtetl lawyers as anyone can understand. Those ones are literally soaked with the assuredness in their superiority, as if it is only to them that the final truth of our existance is revealed.

    In fact, in law they look for the bases for their personal right to power, which cannot be found even by assassinations and overthrowing of monarchs, as it used to be organized by the aristocratic guards before Nicolas I. We see quite a routine approach: to overthrow a monarch, and then to issue a decree, Elyzabeth-style. Sort of, the crime was performed exclusively out of love for people. But this routine is no go since people have neither personality nor right.

    Maybe that is because “people is sleeping”, “people is not awakened”? The awakening of this sort is, roughly speaking, precisely an extremism. This is why it is so convenient to kick that “awakening of people” onto Hertzen and the Decembrists who did not even understand what it actually was. After that one only needs to settle down as an expresser of interests of a large group of population and then start to seed conflicts within it.

    Of course, one must think of promoting oneself beforehand. But the main thing is to shape one’s ass in a propeller-like way to justify, based on law, a complete destruction of the bases of law, the subject of law itself … along the two directions burning in mind of every hardened criminal:

    · Complete elimination of private property of its lawful owner

    · Elimination of the grounds for personal freedom by enforcing group attributes – as a final triumph of individuality


    Let me also share with you a very interesting place to know something about Russian view on international politics and everything that goes on in Russia. You will be a little bit amazed, promise you. It is not advertising, just sharing. All on English language: blog ogurcova com (Debate club "Russia online")

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