Gawker Goes Batty Over Scott Brown

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Annie, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I don't get the wingnuts of the Democrat Party. Sarah Palin sparks endless ink and air time. Um, she's not anything but a citizen right now.

    Scott Brown, well folks on the right should have known he was an East Coast Conservative, sort of an oxymoron, but better than an East Coast Liberal, so they took what they could get.

    Now the wingnuts on the left, well they can't decide whether he's 'not so bad' or needs to be annihilated. So the articles of praise and smear keep alternating. Here Gawker goes for dreams of smears, so they proceed to lay out all the documents that would have been used, if the case hadn't been dropped and dismissed with prejudice. I love this dawning of a new day:

    The Scandalous Scott Brown Lawsuit that No One Told You About - scott brown - Gawker


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