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    GasPriceWatch - Power to the People at the Pump

    You have to check out this site!

    Best Gas/diesel price monitoring site I've seen on the web. It's really cool, cause you can easily sign-up and become a watcher and report in prices of fuel at any location you drive by or buy fuel at.

    It has a great map set-up too. If I plan a long distance trip, I can plan out where the best buys for diesel or gas is as long as I know my route.

    The map is very easy to use, and you can change it from diesel prices to gasoline prices just with a cursor click.

    If more of us join and start reporting where fuel prices, the stations that charge too much will not get as much business as the ones that are trying to be more competitive.

    I have a Valero station near me that absolutely reams the motorists that come off our nearby freeway. Poor folks are traveling from out of the area and turn off the main road from our nearby Freeway 85, and the only fuel station they see is Greg's Valero. He charges about 15 cents a gallon higher than the low priced stations, and he knows that most motorists that are from out of town don't want to venture further down our main blvd.. If they drove a 1/4 mile further past Greg's Valero they'd save gobs of money on a fill-up. I have no love for Greg and his Valero. I call him the "reamer"..........He's been charging way above other stations in the area for years. Folks come in with their Motorhomes and need lots of fuel, and Greg's Valero reams them royal.

    Checkout Help inform folks in your community of best gas prices.......and teach those Greg Type operators a lesson.

    Also use it to make your long distance trips less costly.
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    Nice tool....

    Thanks... good post... rep+

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