Foxnews; political opinionators.

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    That spread less than truth, propaganda and racist rhetoric. They do not broadcast news but pushes right wing and village idiots opinions.
    They interview FOXNEWS contributors, ask listeners for their opinion and when they find a weak spot in the liberal party they take it and run with it for years to brainwash and indoctrinate listeners and listeners take it and run.
    They take an inch and make mile and ounce and make a ton.
    Obama is still, according to FOXNEWS opinion, still “hanging” out with TERRORISTS (Ayers) and opinions based on racist preachers. (Wright)
    They incite skin heads, Aryan nation, KKK, white supremacist and tea party baggers to commit violence against Obama and his family and other Blacks and Hispanics.
    They don’t care about news and facts, they care about how much propaganda, rhetoric and gossip they can spread and Village Idiots and Tea Baggers lap it up.
    FOXNEWS comments and polls reflect FOXNEWS listeners who are 90% right wingers FOXNEWS supporters and they feed and thrive of less than facts.
    Talk about sleazy, racist propaganda. Think about Rush, Fox and Friends, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and Malkin

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