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    Rabwah, Pakistan ..
    Yes, that looks crazy if Pakistan holds any feature. It does but all negative and complaintable.

    Here the list goes:

    Electricity/Power load shedding/outage (12 hours of power outage at my place everyday)

    Natural Gas shortage.

    Higher inflation.

    Risk of life, you don't know when you're blown or shot to dead.

    Higher petroleum prices.

    Lack of quality education. People are graduated and post-graduated but they still don't seem educated and sensible.

    Influence of terrorism activities. You have no future you can make one by joining Terrorism industry as professional.

    Bribery and corruption on its best.

    Childish ¤¤¤king government.

    Trapped to neck in debts.

    No rule of law.

    And there are many things which I'd surely be missing. :)

    May GOD ruin this country for the better start, amen.
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