Destroying Domestic Islamist Enemies

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    Destroying Domestic Islamist Enemies
    Written by James Atticus Bowden
    Sunday, July 17, 2005

    British citizens, who happen to be Muslim, murdered over 50 people, including themselves. Or, was it Islamists, who happen to be British, killed innocent people? It makes a difference. Brits today, Americans tomorrow, must know who their domestic enemies are and what kind of war they are fighting to win.

    Assuming Brits or Americans have the will to win.

    This World War is between a totalitarian ideology, born of a relatively barbaric culture, against all humankind. Domestic Islamists, acting as terrorists in the country of their birth, can be defeated.

    The Liberal Secular Humanist majority in the U.K., like their U.S. counterpart, preens about a “multi-cultural” and diverse society. Yet, one culture alone rules. Only thoroughly changed, Westernized Muslims can co-exist within Western culture. Islamic culture produces a naturally-growing Islamist Totalitarian minority (currently 10% of Muslims) regardless of any dialogue, understanding, groveling, and concessions made to Muslims. It’s like Native Americans. The cultures of warring Neolithic tribal societies and an agrarian, then industrial, Western society could not co-exist peacefully. History and modernity suggest several solutions.

    · Ignore and Pretend. No surviving culture succeeded with this strategy. Liberals and moderates would like to try to ignore the problem beginning by not naming it truthfully. Pretend that more security measures will make life safe enough. Like it’s a police problem. Like it’s a hatred of our ''freedoms'' and our way of life. Raids, integral to the Native-American way of life – their culture, were savage assaults on the frontier. From 1608 to 1890, those folks living under the threat of such attacks didn’t suffer the folly and well-wishing pretense of people who lived in safety. If Islamists personalize the war with many more July 7ths and 9-11s, the pretending will end.

    · Separate and Isolate. Indigenous peoples were shoved out of the way or put on reservations. Israelis are building a wall to keep Palestinians away. The Chinese built their Great Wall. The Romans had Hadrian’s Wall, rivers and seas and a fortified frontier to keep the barbarians out. The United States passed a Chinese Exclusion Act and cut non-Northern European immigration to a trickle with the 1920’s Immigration Act. The United Kingdom and United States could restrict the immigration of Muslims to cut their rate of growth, but both nations lack the consensus and will to do so. Neither nation would dare move their Muslim populations to better control them.

    Yet, both countries may increase their surveillance and intrusive searches for the Imams and their followers who preach “hate,” if attacks terrify their populace enough. New Patriot Acts on steroids may come to both birthplaces of modern Western freedoms. Unfortunately, when the Liberal Secular Humanists find enough moral courage to suppress more speech, assembly and religion in the name of security and safety, they will assuredly use it against the Evangelical Christians they hate more than the Islamists they fear.

    · Annihilate and Expel. Genocide and mass expulsions frequent history, as against Indians in America, but neither will be considered, unless almost all Muslims became Islamists. That is unlikely to happen in the coming decades. Alien Muslims could be deported more frequently, but such scrutiny by religion and defense of sovereign borders, is improbable in the politically correct U.S.

    · Convince and Convert. If the U.S. or U.K. can define what it means to be an American or British, then either nation could assimilate a minority. Once, Indian children were shipped to the Carlisle School and Hampton Institute and Westernized.

    A confident and ascending culture gains converts voluntarily. Barbarians crossed the Rhine in the 4th Century to join the rising Legions, call themselves by Latin names, wear Roman dress and become citizens - inheritors to Roman Civilization. One hundred years later as Rome declined, Romans adapted Barbarian names and dress and swore allegiance to local tribal leaders.

    Liberal Human Secularists in the U.K. will try to convert Muslims to their Paganism. They will fail. Something always beats nothing. The something of an identity, and purpose in life, regardless of how false a God image and phony as Abrahamaic faith, will reproduce and prevail over worship of small god of ‘self’.

    Unless the U.K. has a Great Awakening of its traditional Christian faith, it’s doomed to a long twilight struggle against the enemies being born within the gates. The U.S. shall prevail. If domestic Islamists ever threaten like the Indians did, then they will suffer the same fate. Or, Muslims will be assimilated as Christian Evangelicals love them into Christian faith and Western Civilization – American culture.

    About the Writer: James Atticus Bowden has specialized in inter-disciplinary long range "futures" studies for over a decade. Employed by a Defense Department contractor, he is a retired United States Army Infantry Officer, and a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University, and holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia. Contact at

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