Democrats were prepared for SCOTUS nominee

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    Here's another hypothetical campaign which may or may not have been launched by certain theoretical liberals. If true, it might prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the left had a carefully considered and factually correct objection to any nominee who may have been proposed by the Bush White House. Right.

    Garbledella - warm up your keyboard. This is right up your alley.

    He or She Is The Wrong Man or Woman For The Court

    Critical Urgent Community Action Bulletin
    from the Progressive Action Network For American Progress
    For Immediate Release

    The Progressive Action Network For American Progress is extremely concerned by today's news that President Bush has selected ___JOHN ROBERTS___ as his nominee for the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. Unlike outgoing Justice Sandra Day O'Conner, the widely respected and admired moderate consensus sensible mainstream compromisist, ___JOHN ROBERTS___ has a shocking record of extremely extreme legal positions that fill us with grave concerns about ___HIS___ fitness for this critically crucial office.

    Make no mistake: no one should be fooled by the administration's public relations efforts or ___JOHN ROBERTS___'s seemingly "moderate" appearance. ___JOHN ROBERTS___ has a record that suggests that ___HE___ would deny women the right to reproductive choice, stop important life-saving medical stem cell research by extending the Patriot Act to draft their unwanted fetuses, and turn these conscripted fetuses over to dangerous tax-supported 'Creationist' religious laboratories. The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, and America needs to know whether ___JOHN ROBERTS___ supports the GOP's secret plan of a Rush Limbaugh Jesus army of unwanted, unquestioning fetus zombies who will be trained to urinate on the Korans of Guantanamo detainees.

    We should also point out that our opposition to ___JOHN ROBERTS___ has nothing to do with the nominee's race and/or gender. We at the Progressive Action Network For American Progress have long been on record of standing up for the civil rights of ___WHITE MEN___, rights from which ___JOHN ROBERTS___ ironically, has benefitted. Sadly, rather than create programs and begin to work on the real problems that concern ___WHITE MEN___, the Bush administration has cynically forwarded an unqualified, token candidate like ___JOHN ROBERTS___ to mask its callous indifference to the ___WHITE MAN___ community.


    In response to this shocking nomination, we here at the Progressive Action Network For American Progress are joining forces with other mainstream grassroots progressive activist organizations - organizations like Peace Power Community Now Network, Grant Proposers for Justice, NairBusters, Out of Our Wombs!,, ToothACHE, and Sitcom Producers for the American Way. Over the next few weeks we will be encouraging the Senate Judiciary Committee to take a close look at ___JOHN ROBERTS___ and ___HIS___ extremist views on the critical legal issues that face all of us. While we will be working hard to get out the word in Washington, ordinary progressive citizens like you can do your part as well. First, write your newspaper and/or Senator and let them know that you will not stand by idly while Bush and Company install a pseudo-"___WHITE MAN___" like ___JOHN ROBERTS___ on the nation's highest court. Here's a letter to get you started! ...
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