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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by dilloduck, Aug 28, 2005.

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    I watched this special on CNN last night and it became clear to me that the US went to war with Iraq with some very questionable intelligence and many men that I respect and who were involved in this decision seem to think so too. I think that is on this basis ALONE that the libs cry foul.

    Now they want to give the US a 2 year and 10,000 mile penalty for not being exactly right while many of those in support of this action in Iraq are willing to accept the early mistakes because the war on terror necessitated this action and the resulting invasion has proven that Islamo-extremists ARE in Iraq. Those that we would have had to chase to Iran, Syria, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. are now coming to Iraq to save US the trouble of invading other countries where we can DEFINATELY prove state supported terrorism.

    We cannot call times out and start all over. We are there in force and within striking distance of any counrty in the area should we choose to. I'll say what the libs want to hear----we went to war in Iraq with faulty intelligence and questionable decisions. They were wrong.- HOWEVER now that we are there it has been proven to be a wise place to establish a base form which to attack terrorism everywhere in the region.

    If we indeed make a mistake by invading in the first place, how is making another mistake by leaving going to make our mission any easier? It's a ideological war and we aren't fighting the wrong people. My discussions with libs have led me to believe that;

    1 They just hate conservatives so much they they could care less what
    2 They absolutely refuse to believe that the Islamo-terrorists want to destroy
    3 They do not believe the Islamo-terrorists have the means to cause enough
    damage to hurt the great and powerful USA.

    They are so focused on the intelligence errors that got us there that these three (at LEAST 3) irrational beliefs are buried in bullshit.

    They get it---they just don't want to admit how foolish they are.

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