Corps of Engineers - teach me about them.

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    I was reading the usual begging by Missouri for more dredging assistance from the Corps of Engineers and got to wondering a few things.

    Who funds the Corps in general?

    Does the barge industry pay a special tax?

    Do any flood areas pay a special tax to the Corps?

    I know they support or almost run some hydro power stations, does this money go to help funding?

    Then I stumbled into this:

    "Army Corps of Engineers levee-repair and dredging projects along the Mississippi River will get a major financial shot in the arm, thanks to President Barack Obama’s signing of the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act last week, corps officials said Thursday. The legislation provides $1.7 billion to the corps, including $802 million directed toward river projects by the corps’ Mississippi Valley Division office in Vicksburg, Miss."
    Army Corps of Engineers receives money for dredging and levee repairs |

    Not quite the deficit but wow, that's some money. I read the wikipedia article on the cell a few ago. Perhaps I skipped a few things.

    Thanks for the lesson

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