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    i thought i knew a bit about copyright laws and the like, having been in a position in my life of having to deal with legal issues from representing minorities to negotiating management/labor contracts, which are intensely language oriented endeavours.

    i think that you must acknowledge the author directly in the post if you are quoting him or her and that a quote in hypertext without acknowledging the author directly is insufficient, and is in violation of federal copyright laws.

    i was contacted by a poster very recently who had a post removed for posting a poem, acknowledging the author but not posting a hyperlink, and the poem was actually not a copyrighted poem.

    perhaps someone can help clear this matter up and explain a little about the pertinent legislation, particulaarly as to how it applies to this message board.

    thank you. it seems that a number of people think i am stupid or a dummy for objecting to a post with material entirely in hypertext consisting of three linked paragraphs, the first two by one author and the last one by another author with absolutely no indication other than the hypertext links (you had to click them) that they were from different people.

    thank you again.

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