Conspiracy in corruption

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MtnBiker, Mar 14, 2004.

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    There is duplicity within our political system to maintain power and control of the status quo. This takes place on two levels that over lap the first being a theology level and the second one is on an economic level. The oil industry is one of the clearest examples of this in modern day times. It is a product of paranoia by those in power political, physically and finically. Too often the bits and pieces of information are used as disinformation by the system to create a calculated reaction by the public. It is the vested self-interests of a few very large corporations and religions that corrupt the system. As with most crimes follow the money trail and you will be following the conspiracy.

    This leads to the reason why so many American people are so apathetic in our political process. Many people believe that it makes no difference which person wins the election for they are one of the same by the time they get into office. In many ways this is true and other ways it is not true. As with most things in life and reality there are no absolutes because we are constantly evolving as a society. Understanding the depth that those people in power will go to maintain their power is directly connected to the money trail that has corrupted our political system. More often than not it is the political system that is corrupting the people within in it. It is not perceived as corruption when it is part of the standard of procedures in day-to-day operations.

    Not my words but for someone it will be like dejavou.

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