Commander Warns: The US and NATO’s Ability To Deter Russia Is At Risk

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    U.S. troop movement in NATO nations is proving to be a logistical nightmare. A perfect example of the problem occurred last year.

    After a U.S. Army squadron returned to Germany from training exercises in the Black Sea nation of Georgia, the squadron was without its vehicles and weaponry for four months instead of the planned two weeks. The issue was reported by Lt. Col. Adam Lackey, the commander of the squadron.

    “ ‘We have to be able to move as fast or faster than Russia in order to be an effective deterrent,’ ” said Ben Hodges, the U.S. Army’s former top general in Europe.

    Hodges retired last December and has been using his position at the Washington-based Center for European Poli1cy Analysis to issue warnings concerning the current lack of cooperation between NATO nations’ bureaucracies and the U.S. military. " ‘The best insurance we have against a showdown is that NATO stands together.' "

    Obviously, Hodges spent the last year-and-a-half focused intently on the NATO response to a Russian invasion. Unfortunately, he failed to notice the disastrous political situation that has developed here at home. In one of his first foreign trips as POTUS the idiot trump told our allies in Europe, “they are on their own,” if Russia attacks.

    Hodges doesn’t realize Putin commands the idiot trump, so there would be no instructions to U.S. troops in Europe from the White House to move against the invading Russian military. The idiot trump wouldn’t dare oppose his hero and boss, Vladimir Putin.

    In fact, should orders of any kind come out of this corrupt administration, they would be for U.S. troops to assist the Russian military in their invasion.

    The US and NATO’s ability to deter Russia is at risk, commander says



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