Chairman of US Communist Party Endorses and Is Working to Elect Obama

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    If this pattern doesn’t make you stand in line the very minute your polls open on November 4, I don’t know what will.

    Recently I posted a piece on how the organized the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and the CCDS Marxist-Leninist party are working hard for Obama too–from Chicago, of course. The Real Barack Obama has also recently reported that Chicago’s Marxist Party is also working hard for Barack Obama.

    Well, The Real Barack Obama blog now informs us that we can add the Communist Party to the list.

    In shades of the late 60s and the early 70s, I see a Barack Obama pattern here that has little to do with Democracy. Let’s just say these people don’t wave the American flag a lot or enjoy Democracy as we know it. Toss in an Obama Cold Call Center In Gaza City, an endorsement and campaign contributions from Hamas, Ethnic Cleansing Cousin Odinga, a crazed Jihad-loving Zbigniew Brzezinski as his top foreign advisor, endorsements from Iran and North Korea’s currently comatosed “Dear Leader”, and I would say we have a real problem here in the candidacy of the still-unvetted Barack Obama, wouldn’t you? I’d say we’re talking about a guy who is planning Change You Simply Cannot Believe. I mean, it’s a good thing Stalin and Guevara aren’t still alive or they would be endorsing Obama too.

    The Real Barack Obama has the full story here on the recent Communist Barack Obama endorsement. Here are some quotes:

    Libero Della Piana is New York State chairman of the Communist Party USA, former national organiser of the party and a member of the CPUSA’s 140 strong National Council.

    Like virtually all of the CPUSA’s several thousand members and supporters, Della Piana is working to elect Barack Obama to the US Presidency.

    Comrade Della Piana sees the upcoming US election as an opportunity to change the direction of the US.

    From the CPUSA’s People’s Weekly World blog, September 5, 2008

    Della Piana This Labor Day working people and their families in New York State are in an exciting and challenging moment. For the first time in years, the labor movement together with its broad movement allies, has the potential to change the course of the country in a more positive direction.

    The 2008 Presidential election is historic. Not only has the Democratic Party nominated an African American as its candidate for the first time, but there have also been record turnouts in the primaries and a vibrant grassroots movement has developed.

    No wonder Putin likes Obama so much.

    Top US Communist Says “Elect Obama and change the world”

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