Boehner (As In Gainer) But Not From Tea Party 45 Winners Only!

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    The New York Times Actually published a list of the Tea Party supported candidates for the General Election. Their count was 135. They note in their comments, for each race, how they arrived at the figure. That is in the linky thingy.

    Where Tea Party Candidates Are Running - Interactive Feature -

    So how did the lunatics do, no one on the newscasts is even asking? Rand Paul won, most likely to dismantle the Department of Defense(?), following his own father's anti-war tendencies. All the newscasters are nowhere highlight that famous position(?)!

    Overall, only 45 of the supported lunatics, won, including out of the over 450 elected federal legislators. Coincidentally, more or less, 45 isn't even a majority of the Senate.

    In the House, there is not even a 10% Tea Party plurality, out of the membership in the House. The 33% win rate is not even a good idea, in Politics. The Grizzily who helpled to eat up Alaska, and moved on to Delaware, and ate that too, and then on to Nevada, and ate that too: Even showed up in California, and ate that, too!

    Boehner, (rhymes with Gainer), did not do well from that, or all of the rest of that!

    Conservatives tend to work with the status quo. That is now about $0.72 tril. for defense, which Rand Paul opposes(?), $0.72 for Social Security, which the lunatic now from Wisconsin thinks is a "Ponzi Scheme," $0.72 tril. for Medicare, which the doctors and nurses all hate(?), and $0.72 for veterans beneifts, federal retirement benefits, meat inspectors, airline entryway inspectors, drug and medicine inspectors, other food inspectors: And all the rest of marvelous, Socialist Giant Government on which business and investors rely!

    Boehner, (Rhymes With Gainer), will not likely start his diet with Tea! The Senate lunatics are only about three at any rate, plus Mitchell and the others.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Great Homemaker-That-Squats-To------Spend-More-Money: Even not a winner with ad executives, anymore!)

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